Byobu -- pain points and feature requests

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2 years later, Byobu is a stable, solid window manager.

This is session is intended for Byobu users and developers. If we're 90% of the way "there", what's left to make Byobu rock 100%? What else would you like Byobu to do, to make you even more productive on a command line? What is it about Byobu that keeps you from deploying it everywhere? What is it that keeps you from recommending it to other colleagues?

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Some known, common issues:
 * ctrl-a as escape annoys emacs users
 * shift-pageup in gnome-terminal misbehaves
 * dependency on python-newt is non-ideal
 * (yours here)
 * mdz came up with a list of requirements at Lucid UDS that could be relevant for that discussion

 * Instead of enabling by default, could we add an option to enable it by default in the Server installer? Similar to the encrypt /home option. [robbie.w]
  * I'd love to add it as an installer option [kirkland]

 == Session notes ==

 - Function keys may interfere.
   - Documentation issue???
 - Renaming/alias??
   - It is not suitable thing to do. Byobu has gain its name already.
 - In Ubuntu Server by default?
   - Last 3 UDS's this was discussed, however, there were people who opposed.
   - What if it is launched by default during the Development Process (Alpha1/2/3)
   - Add a message in motd?
 - Part pf the dp-release-upgrades, recommend running it with byobu. (In case of network failure).
 - It isn't clear how to get out of scrollback mode. Solution is required.
 - Adding the possibility to monitor different disks.
   - List all the drives and select which one(S) to monitor.
 - Network traffic changed to bps.
 - Show raid array rebuilds/progress/failures
 - Add possibility to show notifications in the bottom bar
 - Log monitoring
   - Integration to other tools: "Something is wrong, take a look at this"
 - Status of services
   - Something similar to what Dustin has done with eucalyptus upstart scripts.
   - Add more services.
 - Calendar reminder
   - Plugin into Google Calendar Reminder??/ - Ask someone in the Desktop team?
 - Number of TCP Connections.
   - Incoming/outgoing
   - Per service/port

== Actions ==

 - [ACTION] document in byobu.1 that screen args are passed through plus extra key bindings provided over screen (e.g. C-a !)
 - [ACTION] add wifi_status.


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