Enhancements for the gwibber/libgwibber API and widgets

Registered by Ken VanDine

Improve the existing API and add addition widgets that would be useful across the desktop.

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Sebastien Bacher
Ken VanDine
Needs approval
Ken VanDine
Series goal:
Accepted for natty
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-11.04-beta-1
Started by
Martin Pitt
Completed by
Ken VanDine

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Work items natty-alpha-1:
[ken-vandine] make service plugins dynamic, to allow out of tree plugins to be used: DONE
[ken-vandine] split service plugins into separate packages: DONE
[ken-vandine] GObject friendly API, use properties for accounts: DONE
[ken-vandine] GObject friendly API, use properties for services: DONE
[ken-vandine] GObject friendly API, use properties for features: DONE

Work items natty-alpha-2:
[ken-vandine] Port indicator-me to use account properties API: DONE

Work items:
Store friend properties to be used in untiy-places-people: POSTPONED
Add libdee filter for people to be used in unity-places-people: POSTPONED

== Notes from the session ==

Anything below without a work item specified above is considered wish list, so if anyone finds the time for Natty great, if not we'll review these for Natty+1

• gwibber-service
  ∘ make plugins dynamic, to allow splitting the package
  ∘ Stream dbus interface, ensure it meets the needs for the new stream view widget
  ∘ location awareness, geoclue integration
    ‣ include location information in posts
     * how do we handle user's authorize geoclue access and sharing of location per application?
    ‣ added map viewer to see where your friends are
  ∘ review what services should be included by default
    ‣ move hard to maintain or less popular plugins to separate packages
  * error handling, how to tell users there are errors when they don't have the client open?
    * Unity: perhaps adding a warning/error emblem overlay over the icon in the unity launcher
    * GNOME: ????
  * Character count, exposing char count limits based on service limits
  * Store friend/profile data
  * ordering of plugins displayed in gwibber-accounts
  * review the default filters to see what makes sense to keep in the gwibber client

* libgwibber
  ∘ simplify API for gobject developers
  * added local search API
• libgwibber-gtk
  ∘ Add reply to entry widget, include auto-complete
  ∘ create stream view widget
  ∘ create stream selector widget
  ∘ create search widget
  ∘ create profile view widget

2010-11-08, seb128: the summary has quite some items not reflected in the list of workitems, could you clarify was changes you want to do this cycle or not? Ideally everything listed in the whiteboard notes should be in the work items or mentioned as not for this cycle...

2010-11-09, seb128: the summary has been updated, accepting the spec


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