App Developer Week On Air

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Organize and run the next App Developer Week with live hangouts

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Ubuntu OnAir best practices (some of it can also be found at
 * 1h sessions (30 mins would be too short for hangouts, considering the time to switch presenters)
   * 5 minutes intro
   * 40 mins talk
   * 15 minutes to change speakers
 * Careful with connectivity (suggested to have a backup connection)
 * Brief and pick speakers carefully to fill the session and are experienced with running sessions

Other events (dates subject to change):
 * UDW (30 Jan to 1st Feb)
 * UOW (22nd to 24th May)

UADW on air
 * 1h sessions
 * 3 days
 * 5 sessions per day (15 sessions total)

The host sets up the hangout, invites speakers:
 * They need them to add UbuntuOnAir to G+, IRC nick, e-mails
 * Bots are set up for #ubuntu-classroom-chat
 * Webchat is embedded to, so that folks can ask questions.
 * The host needs to have a set of questions to fill the session if it ends up being excessively short.
 * The host holds a separate hangout per session, so that we've got single videos to link to the timetable

 * Tips for presenters:
 * Check your background
 * Check your lights
 * Check your cam and mic

Topic list (available at
 * How the ARB do reviews
 * Introduction to Quickly
 * Common guidelines for app submissions
 * Dash and Launcher integration
 * Indicator integration
 * Webapps introduction
 * Ubuntu One integration
 * Adding HUD integration to your app
 * How to internationalize your app
 * Introduction to app development (check David's UOW video for topics)
   * How to submit your app to myapps
 * How to use Ask Ubuntu for app development questions
 * Q&A with the ARB
 * ...
 * ...


Work Items

Work items:
[jose] Write documentation with best practices for on air presenters: DONE
[dpm] Decide the UADW dates and set them up on the On Air calendar: TODO
[dpm] Update the Ubuntu App Developer Week wiki page: TODO
[dpm] Set up Ubuntu App Developer Week timetable and the hosts shifts: TODO
[dpm] Set up a list of suggested topics for Ubuntu App Developer Week: TODO
[dpm] Find speakers for each topic during UADW: TODO
[jose] Find speakers for each topic during UADW: TODO
[bhavi] Suggest a list of topics for UADW: DONE
[dpm] Publish an announcement for UADW (The Fridge, d.u.c): TODO
[jose] Send the Ubuntu Open Week e-mail template to David, to use as a basis for the UADW reminder: DONE
[dpm] Send an e-mail to all speakers with instructions (2 weeks before the UADW start): TODO
[dpm] Send an e-mail to all speakers with instructions (1 weeks before the UADW start): TODO
[jose] Check with the classroom team if we can include UADW in the classroom calendar: INPROGRESS
[jose] Publish the UADW announcement on the classroom blog: TODO

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