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Discuss about the new releasing model and process of the SDK Tools and APIs

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Spread quality practises used in the QML UI Toolkit to other QML modules and HTML5:
  - automated API checking
  - running Autopilot tests of various apps before landing (part of CITrain)

Need to have a clear process of inclusion for new QML modules in the SDK’s runtime.

Automated tests of QtCreator is work in progress. QA folks are working on the recognized problems (e.g. autopkgtest to check that ubuntu-sdk is installable and qtcreator can be launched just landed on the trunk)

Runtime and toolings are separate. Runtime has no requirement to run on older versions: APIs should not be backported. In other words, you can develop for 14.04 on 12.04 but to test you need an emulator that runs 14.04 or a device that runs 14.04.

Change distribution model from PPAs to a tarball to clarify it all and simplify the developer story

Keep existing SDK PPA, do not create a new PPA, and delete backported packages when emulators are ready and published (as well as a solution to 2. is implemented)


Work Items

Work items:
[bzoltan] Create ubuntu-sdk-tools that installs only the tools (QtCreator, etc.) : TODO
[rsalveti] Provide emulators for our supported framework versions : TODO
[jonobacon] More crisply define app store policy that new apps have to use the most recent framework version : TODO
[bzoltan] study how to have context sensitive help, code completion, etc. in the IDE relative to the target framework for both QML and HTML5; list all the work items together in a blueprint (by next week) with time estimations as precise as possible : TODO
[jonobacon] put together a communication plan to application developers, specifically developers that were running their apps on 12.04 and 13.10 : TODO

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