Campaign to grow the number of tutorials videos

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Meeting agenda and possible work items to think about:
 - Investigate existing documentation. Prioritise topics.
 - Separate topics into distinct stories which can be independent
 - Write script for top 5 videos.
 - Work with Screencasts Team/XDA people on recording videos.
 - Publish.

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Daniel Holbach
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 - Previous discussion:
 - possible videos:
   - how to install the SDK
   - writing a full, very simple QML app
   - bare-bones app in QtCreator (choose template, edit a bit, run, etc.)
 - 5 minutes is what we want.
 - work going into a video:
   - prepare content, prepare examples
   - write script
   - get script double checked
   - record video
   - Record video of titles
   - Record actual video of tutorial
   - Smoosh together video parts (automated if possible)
   - upload it
   - get it reviewed
   - (get it translated)

Lowest Common Denominator: Record English first in Audio & Video from a written script. Get the script translated. Upload translated subtitles to YouTube along with original video. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

5 minutes videos

Tools: (all from repo or sdk ppa)
 - Kazam or ffmpeg (cli)
 - Slide templates for open and close (as simple as possible to implement)
 - melt for smooshing slides and videos together

 - 5 minutes long max
 - All the packages that are required for the video should be available from the Ubuntu archive
 - We'll need instructions on how to create a video
 - Publish the videos on the appdev account on YouTube
 - Run on a standard Ubuntu desktop (Not a guest session as you'll keep losing things)
 - Topic-based
   - Arc structure to videos.
   - Show progression and build a playlist to make this happen in order
   - Record on a clean, stock machine. Do NOT record on an atypical machine. - resources from Iain's video

 - Foundations
   - install SDK, run SDK (QtCreator),
   - brief tour of SDK
   - UI Toolkit overview (walkthrough in the Gallery app)
   - walkthrough
   - Flashing a device in preparation for testing apps
   - Design tips
- Platform
   - Overview of Platform
   - App lifecycle
 - Tools
   - (Intro to bzr)
   - (intro to Launchpad)
   - Testing: how to write an autopilot test
 - Writing apps
   - Creating a simple HTML5 app
   - Creating a simple QML tabbed app
 - Interesting libraries
   - Location detection
   - Online accounts
   - Box2D
   - Content Hub
 - Testing apps
   - Testing app locally on the desktop
   - Testing app on the device
   - Using autopilot / writing tests
 - Publishing apps
   - Validating your app before uploading to the store
   - Click Store
   - Updating your app in the store
 - Post-publishing
   - Getting feedback from your users / maintaining an app(?) (You're in the Store...Now What?)


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.12:
[dholbach] prepare slide templates for opening and closing of the video (talk to the Design team): TODO
[popey] Create a script to output a video: TODO
[popey] write up instructions for putting videos together, publish: TODO
[dholbach] set up wiki page with a table of videos and assignees: TODO
[dholbach] announce project on mailing lists, social media, screencasts list: TODO
[popey] Create initial video on installing the SDK: TODO
[dpm] Find the access data ubuntuappdeveloper ( TODO
[dholbach] merge workshops of dpm and karni (covering 'foundations'+'writing apps'), massage them into scripts: INPROGRESS
[dpm] Get the videos published and discoverable on d.u.c: TODO
[dholbach] investigate if we can get the videos embedded in qtcreator: TODO

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