Understand what practical desktop usability issues exist with the current SDK

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Meeting agenda and possible work items to think about:
- Investigate current apps and assess their general fitness for the Desktop.
- Based on research, figure out if we need to create a new 'use case' for a 'converged app'.
- Discuss user testing of the app, both on phablet and desktop, with Design team.
- Conduct testing of the app.
- Report bugs.
- Discuss with Design+SDK+Unity teams.
- Assign milestones to problems.

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Daniel Holbach
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issues already encountered
 - bottom menu swipe difficult on a desktop
 - menus on the desktop in general
 - flick gesture shows the scrollbar but it is difficult to see and that makes some of
   the content non-discoverable
 - using standard file chooser that is expected on the desktop
 - behavior of the bottom swipe menu might be changed to something else on the
   desktop to make it feel more natural
 - orientation API (more explicit than checking width VS height)
 - meaningful QtCreator templates (ensure Ubuntu feel to them)
 - experience on running on the device from QtC (occasional ssh setup issues)
 - multitouch vs mouse click intereption issues (~MultiTouchPointArea works on
   touch, not on desktop)
 - back button experience (already being revised by Design to "latch" the bottom pane)
 - no design guidelines for desktop apps (or converged apps)
 - dialog "widget" was rather inflexible and caused a lot of pain to get right
 - keyboard shortcuts
 - keyboard not hiding when focus changed (belive a bug is filed already)
 - keyboard navigation (on roadmap this cycle)
 - accessibility? (on roadmap this cycle)
 - applications seem to steal touch events when they are running in a windowed
 - lack of emulator (in the works)
 - .desktop files should launch in full-screen mode on phone, but not on .desktop
Find out if widgets will automatically change depending on the screen size / form factor
possible targets:
 - shorts, checkbox (checkbox built on SDK won't be in 14.04 for a few weeks)
 - gallery, notepad, mediaplayer, camera, browser are all candidates/targets for 14.04
   to run better on desktop
 - also great test candidates: reminders-app (evernote), music-app

Bugs or problems found by hardware certification team:
 - https://bugs.launchpad.net/checkbox-ihv-ng/+bug/1214914 Worked around on our side
   so it was never filed as an SDK bug.
 - Scroll position indicator is faint and hard to see (not filed)
 - Toolbar auto-hides even if lock: true (this was fixed in the SDK)
 - No easy way to add keyboard shortcuts/accelerators to controls


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.12:
[roadmr] Provide list of relevant bugs which were already filed: TODO
[bregma] share notes about initial research of desktop usability of SDK/UI Toolkit (https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1OvTlzChKhk3374lqAI9j2DRD1fMtyWJLzOGV99_dbTc): DONE
[dholbach] reach out to accessibility team when conducting user tests: TODO
[dholbach] set up call for testing: TODO
[karni] once we have feedback, summarise: TODO
[dholbach] once we have feedback, summarise: TODO
[bregma] once we have feedback, summarise: TODO
[dholbach] set up call with sdk/design/ui team: TODO
[dholbach] make sure bugs are milestoned: TODO

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