Build materials for the App Dev Schools initiative

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Meeting agenda and possible work items to think about:
 - Determine prerequisites, target audience, essential information and length of course.
 - Review existing documentation; determine which facts require new materials (diagrams, slides, code samples, demos).
 - Work with Design team in creating those materials.
 - Write speaker notes.
 - (Optional) Investigate if we can ship those materials in QtCreator itself.
 - (Optional) Investigate translatability of materials.

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Daniel Holbach
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 - Length: Full-day course, half-day course.
   - One workshop on QML, one workshop on HTML5? Two on a day might be too much.
 - Possible reuse of materials:
   - workshop by dpm
   - workshop by karni from Deview on QML apps
   - tutorials from d.u.c?
 - Provide offline materials in an editable form for the LoCos to adapt them
   - Possibly allow upload of translated materials
 - Good idea to provide full source code, then uncomment code gradually.
 - Content to cover:
   - Intro, Get Set Up - already covered in dpm's presentation (+ speaker notes)
   - developer.u.c tutorial: (could be
     massaged into slide form + 'script')
   - clarify how to blow the fonts up in size if required (the proper way of scaling up, as
     xlarge may feel pretty small on the laptop)

 - Basic content:
   - Platform overview
   - SDK installation and overview
   - Writing a QML app
   - Writing an HTML5 app
   - Creating and submitting a click package
   - What next! Where do you go after this session?
 - Platform APIs
   - integration from HTML5 with Unity (hud, bottom panel, ...)
   - sensors, platform apis (Cordova and QML)
   - storing/accessing data - Content hub, Ubuntu Content API
   - translations (but too much for one session already)
 - Advanced?
   - app lifecycle
   - writing Unity scope!

 - Allow commenting utilizing comment system on d.u.c?
 - How to announce the app dev school
   - Mailing lists
   - LoCos


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.12:
[dpm] Upload the initial content (2 workshops, and a presentation - DONE
[karni] share materials for apps workshop with dpm and dholbach (lp:~karni/+junk/utouch-soundboard): DONE
[karni] share the TODO app (written both in QML and in HTML5) (lp:~karni/+junk/todo-qt - lp:~karni/+junk/todo-html5): DONE
[dholbach] review both sets of workshop material (David+Michał): DONE
[dholbach] merge both sets of workshop material, resolve open questions: INPROGRESS
[dpm] Write a tutorial on translations: TODO
[dpm] Update Cordova template to be more Ubuntu-like (e.g replace the Cordova icon, make it do something useful, can be very simple though): TODO
[dpm] Create a public list of the missing topics we don't have yet material for: TODO
[karni] Look into which tutorial is better re: writing unity scopes (d.u.c or xda): DONE

Work items:
[dpm] Set up a section for App Dev Schools on d.u.c: TODO
[dholbach] announce app dev school project: TODO
[dholbach] ask for help, ask for feedback, ask for content, ask for questions: TODO
[dholbach] work with LoCo Council to spread the news, help with user-testing, having first sessions: TODO
Cover "app dev lifecycle" (re-use spec docs): TODO
Cover storing/accessing data (re-use Rick's blogpost, ask for permission): TODO
Cover accessing sensors: TODO

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