Building a set tutorials for App Developers

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Define a list of desired tutorials, covering individual SDK components, specific UI and UX implementations, and backend functionality

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# List of tutorials

- How to add a sharing widget to your app
- How to add tests to your app
- How to write your app the declarative way
- How to integrate your app with online accounts
- Design tutorial
- Theming tutorial
- Tutorials on using other components/libraries such as friends and u1db
- Supporting all platforms

# Case studies(?)

Instead of "one topic" tutorials I would like bigger walkthroughs on how to finish a complete application. Perhaps I want to create an application that overlays some kind of information on a map. First part would be "How do I create the UI?" then "How do I add a map to my application?" and perhaps as last part "How do I overlay information on the map?".

The Currency converter phone app is a good example but instead of a step-by-step tutorial I would be more interested in what my options are along the road. Perhaps show 2 or 3 different UI designs that are good as first part. Then list the different map options (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Bing) with links to respective API documentations together with example implementation.

When I have created my first application I will gladly help with such a tutorial for my application and the thought process behind it. ~ Christoffer Holmstedt

IDEA'S: have a section in QtCreator that is for tutorials and example files. like for the currency converter.
  something like that but in qtcreator itself


How to submit a Tutorial:


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.06:
[dpm] Announce tutorials initiative: TODO
[dpm] Reach out to the design team to write a design tutorial "Design for developers": TODO
[dpm] Create a form to submit tutorials (abstract, link to content, license disclaimer): TODO
[dpm] Write a tutorial on translations: TODO

Work items:
[josephjamesmills] Integrate the Currency Converter tutorial into Qt Creator: TODO
[josephjamesmills] Write tutorial for ${ubuntu-ui-toolkit} (expand this WI for all components): TODO
[kalikiana] Write tutorial for U1DB: TODO
[ken-vandine] Write tutorial for Sharing Widget: TODO
[ken-vandine] Write tutorial for Friends Feeds: TODO
[ken-vandine] Write tutorial for OnlineAccounts consumption: TODO
[nskaggs] Write tutorial for Autopilot tests in Ubuntu Touch apps: TODO
Write tutorial for adding theming/styling to QML components: TODO
Write informative post comparing declarative models to functional/object models: TODO
Write tutorial for Application Settings: TODO

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