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Gather feedback on the current state of the Ubuntu SDK and existing plans for the future. Find out what developers like, what they don't like, what's missing and what should be changed.

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SDK feedback from App Developers
2013-05-14 16:05..17:00 in App Developer 1

Dash requires searching for "Qt Creator", it should allow searching for "Ubuntu SDK" + SDK profile in general, a separate "Ubuntu SDK" from non-glorified Qt Creator, or continuing to do the makeover via the plugin? Keywords to the .desktop file or renaming to Qt Creator (Ubuntu SDK).

"Ubuntu UI Toolkit Gallery" is available from the Dash, not from QtCreator

Docs for Ubuntu Components inside QtCreator itself (that's not what jono was saying; see above. besides the docs are already in QtCreator)

UITK API docs are a bit hidden on

Unclear where to put additional functionality that doesn't fit in the toolbar (i.e. more than 5 actions). This is not clear from the design guidelines

Need direction on how to properly use the Toolbar/HUD/Hud Toolbar

TextArea needs improvement for input (pageup/pagedown) and visual appearance (no scrollbars)

Need more documentation on populating HUD

Documentation on Performance and Profiling
linking to the following would be enough:

Need common settings framework, Ubuntu Component wrapper to make it easier
Include it in the app template code
Sync some settings using U1DB
I'd love support for javascript and not just c++ for settings: it (GSettings) will be available straight from QML
Need guidance on localizing dates, times and numbers

Will there be an equivalent of

Common date/time picker
Cimi is working on a API/design spec
clock app has a custom widget right now
calendar app needs one


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Work items:
[jonobacon] Raise design issue of handing toolbar options with Calum: DONE

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