Growing the Ubuntu SDK Apps Collection

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Discuss ways to grow the number of Apps in the Collections PPA and eventual store

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Growing the Ubuntu SDK Apps Collection

* Run competitions to incentivise people to develop apps for Ubuntu
* Run a Jam (like we previously have run) to get people developing together
* Combine a competition and a jam like Ludum Dare or Pyweek
* Create more tutorials for different application types to help cultivate new developers to the platform
* Canvass the community - just get a giant list of apps people in the community would like to see - may inspire people to make them
    * Use Reddit for posting ideas - like
    * Use Balsamiq for posting mockups
    * Use the wiki
* Build a list of generic (i.e. not commercially sponsored like Facebook) applications as a "Wish list" for apps we'd like to see. e.g. compass, sip client, streaming radio, graphical network utils (ping, traceroute)
* Reach out to specific communities to port stuff over - e.g. Security researchers
  * XDA Developers
  * Meego developers
  * Qt Forums
  * WebOS
  * Blackberry developer community
  * HTML5 Game developers
  * Sailfish app developers
  * Necessita forums (Android Qt developers)
    * << qt4
    * << qt5
* Look for open source gaming engines which could be ported over, bring their games along - i.e. the open source equivalents of Unity3D
  * Box2d
  * Unity3d
  * Tile (QML plugin) / Tiles (Designing)
* Blog about new apps on developer portal as they land in the PPA
* Get in touch with universities and engineering students.


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.05:
[mhall119] Add instructions for adding apps to the Collections page: TODO
[mhall119] Look into HTML5 developer story and when it will be available: INPROGRESS

Work items for ubuntu-13.06:
[mhall119] Document how to use QtCreator to create packaging: TODO

Work items:
[dpm] Link to the Collections page on the developer portal: TODO
[dpm] Document how to generate .pot files in QtCreator: TODO
[popey] Create Trello board of targetted apps to get ported: DONE
[josephjamesmills] Write porting scripts from Sailfish SDK to Ubuntu SDK: TODO
[victorp] Write a Qt particles tutorial: TODO