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Pat McGowan
Bill Filler
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Gustavo Pichorim Boiko
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Accepted for saucy
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milestone icon ubuntu-13.08
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Bill Filler

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Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.04-month-5:
[boiko] rename packaging, desktop files and executables to phone-app: DONE
[boiko] measure and optimize memory usage (some improvements made): DONE
[boiko] call hold functioning (only missing implementation in the ofono side): DONE
[boiko] Bug fixing for update-2 milestone: DONE
[renato] Bug fixing for update-2 mileston: DONE
[renato] Evaluate the usage of u1db for contacts storage: DONE
[bfiller] Investigate and design a contact system that will scale and can be reused by lens, phone-app, external applications, etc: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.04-month-6:
[boiko] Discuss with telepathy-logger guys about their plans: DONE
[boiko] Investigate all the limitations telepathy-logger is imposing right now to evaluate a solution: DONE
[boiko] Split the phone-app into a separate handler process and the UI, so that when the app closes the service is still available and handling the call status, etc: DONE
[boiko] implement HUD actions: DONE
[renato] staring implementing new contacts infrastructure: DONE
[tiagosh] Investigate how to test the telepathy implementation of phone-app: TODO
[tiagosh] Implement interfaces needed by phone-app in telepathy-qt: DONE
[tiagosh] Add support in telepathy-ofono for multiple calls: DONE
[tiagosh] Port telepathy-ofono away from python-telepathy: DONE
[tiagosh] Merge telepathy-qt and ofono-qt patches upstream: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.05:
[tiagosh] finish telepathy-ofono rework using telepathy-qt: DONE
[boiko] dynamic rotation support: DONE
[boiko] split phone-app into three separate apps, phase 1: DONE
[boiko] i18N support: DONE
[tiagosh] usability/scalebility fixes for contacts: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.06:
[boiko] Write a new history saving service to replace telepathy-logger,phase 1: DONE
[renato] starting hooking up Address Book UI to new contacts infrastructure: DONE
[tiagosh] investigate MMS support in telepathy-ofono: DONE
[tiagosh] Investigate MMS support in phone-app: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.07:
[boiko] finish implement new history service: DONE
[boiko] move qt plugin and services to telephony-service LP project: DONE
[boiko] dialer-app - navigation model w/primary and secondary headers: DONE
[boiko] dialer-app - keypad view, make a call: DONE
[boiko] dialer-app - live call view basic: DONE
[boiko] dialer-app - contacts view basic: DONE
[tiagosh] implement stand alone messaging application, basic functionality send/receive: DONE
[tiagosh] debianize mmsd and add push it to saucy repository: DONE
[renatofilho] address-book-app: stand alone contacts application, basic list view, create and edit: DONE
[renatofilho] address-book-app: fast scroll/collapsible list view: DONE
[renatofilho] address-book-app: display favorites in main view: DONE
[renatofilho] address-book-app: saving favorite : DONE
[renatofilho] address-book-app: make call from contact details : DONE
[renatofilho] address-book-app: send text from contact details: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.08:
[boiko] dialer-app apply updated visuals from design: DONE
[boiko] dialer-app - contacts view make a call: DONE
[boiko] dialer-app - live call view call controls (mute, hold, speaker): DONE
[boiko] inter-app communication/api between dialer, address book and messaging: DONE
[tiagosh] messaging-app apply updated visuals from design: DONE
[tiagosh] messaging-app - conversation/thread view: DONE
[tiagosh] messaging-app - View & compose in existing thread: DONE
[tiagosh] messaging-app: compose new message with smart lookup of contacts (single recipient): DONE
[tiagosh] add class to telepathy-ofono to communicate with mmsd: DONE
[tiagosh] change handler to accept mms (implement dbus method SendMMS()): DONE
[renatofilho] address-book-app: create contact list component to share between apps: DONE
[renatofilho] address-book-app: swipe to delete single contact: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.09:
[boiko] dialer-app - create contact from unknown number: DONE
[boiko] dialer-app - add to existing contact from unknown number: DONE
[tiagosh] messaging-app - create contact from unknown number: DONE
[tiagosh] messaging-app - add to existing contact from unknown number: DONE
[tiagosh] messaging-app - delete a single thread: DONE
[tiagosh] messaging-app - delete a single message: DONE
[renatofilho] address-book-app: delete multiple contacts: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.10:
[boiko] dialer-app - keypad view smart dialing lookup contact: DONE
[tiagosh] messaging-app - delete multiple messages: DONE

Work items:
[boiko] dialer-app - UI to add contact to active call (conference call) : TODO
[boiko] dialer-app - UI for call hold/call accept (need design): TODO
[boiko] add basic support for emergency calls in phone-app: TODO
[boiko] implement UI to select which device to route audio to (speakerset, bluetooth, headset, etc): TODO
[boiko] dialer-app - conference call integration with backend: TODO
[boiko] dialer-app - autopilot tests: TODO
[tiagosh] messaging-app: add select and send MMS support: TODO
[tiagosh] messaging-app: multi-recipient send: TODO
[renatofilho] address-book-app: implement search : TODO
[renatofilho] address-book-app: test google plugin plugin via Ubuntu online accounts: TODO
[renatofilho] autopilot tests for address-book-app: TODO
[renatofilho] address-book-app: implement import/sync for Google: TODO
[tiagosh] messaging-app: autopilot tests: TODO
[tiagosh] messaging-app: add receive MMS support in messaging-app: TODO
[boiko] do more memory and startup time optimizations: TODO
Investigate and implement other phone settings (like call forwarding for example): TODO

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