Add / remove hardware wizard to configure those devices that aren't configured automatically

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As the tittle says:
I have hardware what can be used on Linux BUT can't be never configured "out of the box" when Ubuntu (I use Kubuntu) is installed on every new version.

For example, I have a "PCI analogic TV card" ( Conceptronic CTVFMi2 ), and until few days ago I used 3 bash commands everytime that I wanted use the device (with rmmod & modprove) to remove a module & add other with a specific set of variables:
    sudo rmmod saa7134 saa7134_alsa tuner
    sudo modprobe saa7134 card=78 tuner=54
    sudo modprobe tuner secam=l

Since few days ago I added that info permanently:
- Added the next line in "/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist":
    blacklist saa7134_alsa
- Added the next lines in "/etc/modprobe.d/options":
    options saa7134 card=78 tuner=54
    options tuner secam=l
With that changes I have "out of the box" the TV device.

I suggest to add a hardware list wizard to configure those devices that aren't configured automatically but that Ubuntu can support.

Like a Windows wizard we should to have a first page to select what kind of device is (webcam, analog or digital TV, ...), after, on the next page we select the name of the company and the model we want configure (in that part, we should be able to see the list of files & instructions that are added on that device configuration).
If the system has all the required modules then will apply the configuration of the installed device.

I think that to have the database up to date all the list of configurations should be loaded from a server (or directly stored on a server and we only consult that database).
If we have used a configuration from this wizard we should be able to remove the configuration using the same wizard.

Optionally, another thing that can be added to that hardware wizard is to have the possibility to send our changes of configuration files to the server database.
Our sent custom config should be able to be voted possitive or negative by the people that used our config to know if works or not. That system can be used to trust or not the custom config of a specific device.

To get the idea I made a quick mockup of how I see the "add device":

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