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adduser (3.137ubuntu1) mantic; urgency=medium

  * Merge from Debian unstable (LP: #2026199). Remaining changes:
    - Add support for encrypting home directories (MR: !87):
      + adduser: Add --encrypt-home option, which calls ecryptfs-setup-private
        for the hard work.
      + doc/adduser.8: document the --encrypt-home option
      + debian/control: suggest ecryptfs-utils >= 67-1
      + deluser: remove all of /var/lib/ecryptfs/$user with --remove-home
    - extrausers support for adduser and gpasswd (LP: #1323732)
    - Add support for ZFS home directories (LP: #1873263)
    - Enable private home directories by default (LP: #48734)
      + Set DIR_MODE=0750 and SYS_DIR_MODE=0750 in the default adduser.conf
    -, adduser.conf: Change default SYS_NAME_REGEX to allow
      uppercase letters in the names of system users.
  * d/t/ecryptfs: test cases for adduser and deluser with --encrypt-home
  * Removed changes (superseded by Debian):
    - Fixed failing autopkgtests (MR: !89):
      + d/t/f/adduser_system.t: Smart increment of test uid to next available
      + d/t/f/firstlastuidgid.t: Smart increment of test uid and gid values to
        next available value.
      + d/t/f/firstlastuidgid.t: Changed S4L test group first and last uid
        values to 3xx instead of 4xx to comply with SYS_UID_MAX.

 -- Mateus Rodrigues de Morais <email address hidden>  Wed, 05 Jul 2023 14:42:39 -0300

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