Next Steps for the Ubuntu Women Project

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In an effort to provide continued support, encouragement, and education, around women in open source, more specifically the ubuntu project and the community we would like to discuss how to have positive forward progress. Look at the goals and see how we as a community can best meet the challenges of getting more women involved in the Ubuntu Project and by extension the greater open source community in a way that is inclusive, progressive, positive, fun, and welcoming to all.

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Amber Graner
Amber Graner
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Laura Czajkowski
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Amber Graner
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Amber Graner

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WORK LIST (Action Items)
  [czajkowski] Discuss a set of guidelines for general discussion channel about the Ubuntu Women project: DONE
  [czaklowski] Document the agreed set of guidelines: DONE
  [pleia2] Set the channel topic to the guidelines: DONE
  [pieia2] Start logging channel - #ubuntu-women-project: DONE
  [pleia2] Provide a set of factoids that reference the channel guidelines: DONE
  [jonobacon, akgraner, czajkowski]Communicate guidelines outwards: DONE

  [akgraner] Create a safe space IRC channel (ubuntu-women will remain the unlogged channel): DONE
  [akgraner, dholbach] Document governance policy for the channel: DONE
    *Channel guidelines are documented and available
    * Logs are for the logged channel (ubuntu-women-project) will be public.
  [akgraner] Document channel guidelines: DONE

  [akgraner, czajkowski] Documenting expectations of the role: DONE
  [pleia2] Gather input from the CC regarding the document: DONE
    * Identify a leader: DONE
    * Open a call for nominations: DONE
    [akgraner] Create a wiki template: DONE
    [all team members w/blogs] Announce the process (nominees place their entry on<someplace> and have two weeks to do so) (All to blog, and post to ubuntu-women list): DONE
    [pleia2] Contact CC for a recommendation from the submitted nominations: DONE


Work Items