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Goals for the Ubuntu Women UDS-Q cycle

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 * Update theme for blog.ubuntu-women.org
 * Deferred from last cycle: Review wiki pages

 * Deferred from last cycle: reach out to the railsbridge / pystar communities about HOWTO's for running "women and friends" type events: [FYI I can help with this -- Asheesh]
 * Deferred from last cycle: Start wiki page of profiles of groups of women we're looking to focus on to contribute
  * skaet is working with a local girls' school to deploy edubuntu, they are reportedly very excited about this and it's probably a good idea to tell their story on ubuntu-women.org, etc

Continued projects
 * http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/CareerDays Ubuntu Classroom sessions
 * http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/FullCircleMagazine column
 ** Asheesh suggests interviewing maco about her involvement in the UMD campus.openhatch.org event
 * Blog, social networking - establish some goals  Â
 * Casual mentoring program

Other Ideas
* Ubuntu women people may want to subscribe to this list to keep up to date about OpenHatch events and participate/learn from us - http://lists.openhatch.org/mailman/listinfo/events
 * Italian team did iso testing, forums have +1 testing program, something from Ubuntu Women?
 * Women and friends events with some specific tasks and knowledge of what dev environment setup instructions would be to get working on those
 * use the @UbuntuWomen twitter account to retweet more whats done in the community, get the @ubuntu and cross-tweet.
 * Discuss effectiveness of leadership trio

Unassigned work items (move to Work Items board when assigned):
[] organize ada-lovelace day event: TODO


Work Items

Work items:
[lyz] Install Ubuntu-related theme on blog.ubuntu-women.org: DONE
[paulproteus] Get info about Ubuntu Women events go out to OpenHatch campus mailing lists: POSTPONED
[lyz] follow-up with skaet regarding the school project: POSTPONED
[cheri703] Look into visibility online (how high in search results for terms like "Ubuntu"): DONE
[pendulum] backdate ubuntu-women full circle articles for ubuntu-women blog: TODO
[lyz] Coordinate a more targeted mentored tasks via https://openhatch.org/wiki/Starling: POSTPONED
[lyz] Email list to see if anyone is going to AdaCampDC: DONE
[lyz] Look into promoting the project more, link to women.ubuntu.com from ubuntu.com directly and from flavors: POSTPONED
[jledbetter] Handle leadership election: DONE

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