Weather App Reboot

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This blueprint is to track tasks for the redesign of the Weather app.


Work Items

Work items:
[popey] ping mail out to arrange next meeting time/day (wed evening?): DONE
[nik90] Move all the design documents to one common google drive folder: DONE
[popey] Create new blueprint and add work items / milestones: DONE
[ahayzen] Create new launchpad branch called reboot: DONE
[nik90] (also m-b-o, andrew-hayzen) Create new c++/qml/cmake project: DONE
[martin-borho] Add backend code for openweathermap / twc: DONE
[ahayzen] Build static prototype of 'main page': DONE
[fginther] Get jenkins running on the new branch via cihelp in #ubuntu-ci-eng: DONE
[vthompson] Set up translation framework: DONE
[ahayzen] Debian packaging (necessary for autopkgtests): DONE
[martin-borho] Fill static prototype components with real data: DONE
[ahayzen] Create bottom edge to reveal locations: DONE
[ahayzen] Migrate to settings API: DONE
[ahayzen] Create settings page and children: DONE
[martin-borho] Create component to show the hourly forecase when the image on 'home' is clicked/swiped: DONE
[martin-borho] Put 'home' into a horizontal listview of the locations that are swipeable with snapping: DONE
[ahayzen] Create add location page: DONE
[ahayzen] Allow (multiselect) deletion on LocationsPage: DONE
[martin-borho] Make bottom edge functional by loading locations after selecting: DONE
[martin-borho] QML - Fix type assigning warnings after changing data provider: DONE
[martin-borho] Reimplement caching for provider calls: DONE
[vthompson] Add pull-to-refresh: DONE
[vthompson] Add current temps to the Locations page: DONE
[ahayzen] Switch to using inbuilt icons from Suru theme where possible: DONE
[vthompson] Background should be white (when pull to refresh etc): DONE
[vthompson] Loading animation at the bottom of the screen β€˜behind’ the bottom-edge hint: DONE
[ahayzen] Modify the Day delegate to support expanding to reveal more info: DONE
[martin-borho] migrate from to ubuntu.geonames: INPROGRESS
[vthompson] Location detection for current location: DONE
[popey] Upload "Weather Reboot" to store when ready: TODO
[popey] Retrieve SVGs of images from design: TODO
[ahayzen] Set up testing framework: DONE
[vthompson] Empty states (use current location): INPROGRESS
Make hourly forecast visible when 'swiping' the main image (see spec): TODO
Add today's detail (shown where the current temp is when the hourly is shown): TODO
Switch translation focus from trunk to reboot: TODO

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