Grow Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo Membership to 500 Members

Registered by Randall Ross on 2010-04-19

In order to take on more significant community projects, it is imperative that Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo attract a sizeable membership. The number 500 represents both a psychological and practical milestone.

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Randall Ross
Randall Ross
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the now DEFUNCT! Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo
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Accepted for 2011
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Started by
Randall Ross on 2010-04-19
Completed by
Randall Ross on 2012-06-09

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Starting point: Members >300 (04.15.2010)

Rex 04.19.2010: the specification URL points to the blueprint it self. there is no goal set, so the progress can't be measured. if "good progress" is pointing to past achievements, it is not very accurate for something that has failed to reach 40% of its preset goal. given that the efforts and the results were impressive it can only be deduced that the goal was unrealistic for the available strategies. let's set our goal better this time and increase our credibility by learning from our mistakes.

rrnwexec: 04.19.2010:
Clarification: We are currently at just over 60% of our target and we have a deadline of June 21st, 2010. Fully measurable and fully realistic. We need to stay focused on getting the number to 500, perhaps even at the expense of some of our "nice to haves". Our General Meeting will unveil several strategies and ideas to get us there. There is no spec URL yet. I'm working on it.

Rex again: Excellent. I agree that a deadline of June 21st for 200 members is both measurable and fully achievable. we need to set that as a milestone or a series goal of the super-project, so that any other project in the loco would revolve around it. still, if we say "we need member count to increase by 300 in 4 months" and we get 108, we are at 108/300 % of our goal, not at 308/500%; but that is not important as long as we are on the right track!

rrnwexec: 04.12.2011
After a long year of "tough slugging" we crossed the 500 threshold briefly in March 2011 only to have our channel auto-expire 14 accounts. We should be back over 500 shortly, and permanently ;)


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