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Registered by Hanen Ben Rhouma

In order to participate into the Ubuntu Global Jam (taking place all over the world from 02 till 04 October 2009), our Tunisian LoCo Team started arranging things to celebrate the event locally:

Place: Exhibition hall of El Kram (Tunis-Tunisia)

Date: From 30 Sep till 04 October 2009

Context: SIB 2009 ( in French) National event dedicated to expose/sell Hig-Tech devices/services with some seminars which will take place into the conference room of the exhibition hall.

Our Participation: will be focused on two aspects:

   1- Seminars presentation by some active members dealing with this non-exhaustive topics list:
           * Ubuntu presentation (Desktop and Server)
           * Softwares installation under Ubuntu
           * The collaboration platform "EGroupware" under Ubuntu Server 9.10
           * Security in Ubuntu
           * ...

    2- Small booth for distributing Ubuntu CDs, flyers and accessories, with possible flash/video projection and a round table for interaction with visitors and a small get together between ubuntu members.

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ubuntu-tn Management Committee
ubuntu-tn Management Committee
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Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team
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I don't see why the canonical-community should approve this. If you need any advice or help with the planning, can you ask on <email address hidden> or <email address hidden> ?

We are not looking for approval but we plan to request some logistic support from the council (flyers, CDs, stickers, ...).

I think that we should add a repository (code) to share docs and the drafts of the Web page that we have to publish for this purpose. In this way, all contributors will add the brunch on their laptop and can update the content.

Nizar Kerkeni : I think that we should keep this Blueprint to our internal organisation, it is not the right place for asking for logistic support. When we are ready we can send mail request to canonical. For flayers what we can request is Pack A see description here :, so having only 50 flayers is it suffisent. Concerning CD's we dispose of LoCo pack CD and it's not used actually.

MaWaLe :
Maintenant que le Blueprint est en interne on peut passer au français pour que tout le monde puisse participer d'une façon fluide.
@Nizar : Le Blueprint est à usage interne mais il était placé sur la racine des blueprints de LP d'où le retour de Daniel et la réponse qui suit est juste à des fins d'explication.

J'espère que la suite des commentaires seront dans le vif du sujet parce que nous n'avons pas beaucoup de temps. Par contre je pense que 50 Flyers risquent d'être peu (vu la masse de personnes qui vont affluer au SIB et les gens ont l'habitude de prendre des CDs et des Flyers de chez chaque exposant et nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre d'être en rupture de stock dès la première matinée. S'il en reste ça servira pour d'autres events ;)


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