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Planning and development of Stock Ticker as a Core App

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Regarding the Yahoo licenses: The stock quotes are retrieved using urls provided in the YQL api. The YQL api has a free for commercial/use clause [] with approval. This was updated from when I started developing the application which it then simply said "Free for commercial use". I am not sure if using a URL from the YQL framework is covered by the agreement. Also, the rss news feed is labeled as free for: non-commercial, non-profit, or personal use if an attribution (image stamp) is used [] (I can only see practicality in a non-profit scenario, btw). I will try for more contact with the Yahoo dev teams and see what comes from it.
I have built a server proxy to forward users to the Yahoo Finance domains. This would be available to the public and not specific to the Stock Ticker Application. Users should still be limited to whatever request limits Yahoo has put in place (not integrated as of yet). We should contact the Yahoo devs and see if this is to their liking. Perhaps an exception for the proxy server IP address can be included in the Finance API to allow the use of forwarded request IP addresses from the proxy to maintain user limits regarding access in the Yahoo Finance API. This would be great for application speed and user support as we move closer to a broader public audience.

It would seam that the sub-domain of "finance" in the urls used within this application can denote them as provided with the Yahoo Finance licence.
Therefore, if we abide by that licence, all current API calls can be kept.

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Work Items

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-2:
[robertsteckroth] Clarify commercial Yahoo licenses: DONE
[popey] Set up the daily PPA: DONE
[popey] Set up CI with Jenkins: DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-3:
[robertsteckroth] Add autopilot test for ressetting data: DONE
[robertsteckroth] Add autopilot test for adding stock: DONE
[robertsteckroth] Add autopilot test for removing stock: DONE
[robertsteckroth] Add autopilot test for chart view: DONE
[robertsteckroth] Add autopilot test for details view: DONE
[robertsteckroth] Add autopilot test for news view: DONE
[robertsteckroth] Add first screen showing pre-selected stocks on start: DONE
[robertsteckroth] Add required Yahoo branding: DONE

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