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Initial Weather Development

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[dpm, 2013-04-18] There are quite a few branches that need reviewing. It'd be great if someone from the team could look at them and get that code committed:



Work Items

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-0:
[neokore] Current Weather Component: DONE
Choose Weather Data Source ( DONE
[martin-borho] Upcoming/Previous Day Weather Component: DONE
[martin-borho] Implement Weather Data API integration ( DONE
[neokore] Choose/Add Location Component: DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-1:
[martin-borho] Read locations from storage at start and add a TabComponent for every location: DONE
[neokore] Create WeatherConditionIconComponent to show weather conditions with animations and transitions: DONE
[martin-borho] Use WorkerScript element for API requests: DONE
[martin-borho] Retry API requests when response from OWM has empty content: DONE
[neokore] Show the corresponding tab after adding a location (with Martin's help) : DONE
[neokore] Add "Update" toolbar action for updating the locations data: DONE
[schwann] Write initial UI tests using autopilot: DONE
[martin-borho] Update Data API to new openweathermap API version: DONE
[neokore] show a loading screen when app starts: DONE
[neokore] show activity indicator while owm api is getting called: DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-2:
[neokore] Add possibility to set units (metric,...): DONE
[jakub-a] Chart Component: POSTPONED

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-3:
[martin-borho] Manage locations screen, see Bug #1187314: DONE
[martin-borho] Test adding a location: DONE
[martin-borho] Write initial unit tests: DONE
[martin-borho] Test cancel add location: DONE
[martin-borho] Test switch location: DONE
[martin-borho] Test remove location: DONE
[martin-borho] Test city search: DONE
[martin-borho] Test refresh data: DONE
[martin-borho] Test switching temperature scale: DONE
[neokore] Move settings Dialog to a Page component: DONE
[martin-borho] Netiquette for API-requests, at least 30 min between requests for location: DONE
[neokore] Stop animations when Tab/App is not visible, (bug 1188332): DONE
[martin-borho] Precalculate values for °C/°F and wind kmh/mph in API-Worker: DONE
[martin-borho] Replace deprecated ToolbarActions with ToolbarItems: DONE
[martin-borho] Modify the settings dialog (bug 1197364): DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-4:
[neokore] Make current weather and daily forecasts "fullscreen" in one list with snap-scrolling (bug 1187801): DONE
[martin-borho] Use Sheet for location manager and city search, remove PageStack: DONE
[martin-borho] Move all content in Tabs into Tab-Page: DONE
[martin-borho] Use background gradient theme like in Clock app: DONE
[martin-borho] change internal data format to be more suitable: DONE
[neokore] Click on weather icon/data to "flip-the-disc" to more details, like clicking on current time in clock app: DONE
[martin-borho] use ubuntuuitoolkit.emulators in autopilot tests: DONE
[martin-borho] use own icon codes: DONE
[martin-borho] show notification when api call is failing (missing network...), show last stored data then: DONE
[martin-borho] Show activity indicator when searching for a location: DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-5:
[neokore] Adapt CurrentWeather component to fit the final design: DONE
[neokore] Implement the '2 speeds' scroll for viewing hourly and daily forecast: DONE
[martin-borho] Add method to mainview to change background gradient according to temperature: DONE
[martin-borho] add setting for windpseed unit mph/kmh (bug 1214934): DONE
[martin-borho] improve scrolling behaviour on device: DONE
[martin-borho] Add label with time last updated (bug #1219200): DONE
[neokore] Fix animations (bug #1218805): DONE
[neokore] Replace ValueSelector with new OptionSelector in SettingsSheet: DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-6:
[martin-borho] use u1db for storage (settings and locations): POSTPONED
[calumpringle] Get final artwork assets: BLOCKED
[christina-li] Clarify design bug reports on adding a location (bug 1187312, bug and bug ): TODO
Fix ActivityIndicators (bug #1218904 bug #1218900): DONE
Create shortcut to jump to today in scrolled down location tab (bug #1209307): TODO
[martin-borho] Use relative date in "Updated at:" like "just now, a hour ago, some hours ago, yesterday": DONE
[martin-borho] Scroll area shouldn't end at bottom, but a bit above the opened toolbar to avoid conflict: DONE
[martin-borho] Move gradient scale temperature up: DONE
[neokore] Font color should be always white, with drop shadow, as in design handover: INPROGRESS
[martin-borho] Make the "Something went wrong" popup less intrusive: DONE
[martin-borho] Show a message in the tab body, when the initial loading of a location failed: DONE
[martin-borho] Don't fall back at the first tab, after data was refreshed: DONE
[martin-borho] Use API for location lookup: DONE
[martin-borho] Location detection based on and (bug #1187312): DONE
[martin-borho] Show weather for last known location at first start: DONE
[martin-borho] Add a test for location lookup: DONE

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