RSS Reader application implementation

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Initial RSS Reader Development

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Ubuntu Core Apps Drivers
Ubuntu Core Apps Drivers
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Accepted for coreapps-13.10
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Work Items

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-0:
[qqworini] View a specific RSS feed: DONE
[mrqtros] View a list of current feeds: DONE
other: Select a feed from a list for viewing: DONE
[dragly] : Select an entry from the currently viewed feed: DONE
[mrqtros] Ability to add feeds: DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-1:
[mrqtros] View to manage feeds (add, modify, delete): DONE
[mrqtros] Ability to modify feeds: DONE
[mrqtros] Ability to delete feeds: DONE
[dragly] view article in a new page rather than split screen: DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-2:
[nskaggs] Create a test plan: DONE
[dragly] Setup for Autopilot tests: DONE
[nejc-pintar] Add "read later" tag: TODO
[qqworini] Designing the new database: DONE
[qqworini] Main landing view (today's articles or feed of choice): DONE
Port functionality to new database: DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-4:
[carla-sella] Test adding a feed: INPROGRESS
[carla-sella] Test editing a feed: INPROGRESS
[carla-sella] Test removing a feed: INPROGRESS
[carla-sella] Test feed list view: INPROGRESS
[carla-sella] Test viewing all news: INPROGRESS
[carla-sella] Test viewing an individual feed: INPROGRESS
[carla-sella] Test viewing an article: BLOCKED
[carla-sella] Test adding a tag to the article: BLOCKED
[carla-sella] Test removing a tag from an article: BLOCKED
[carla-sella] Test filtering by tag: BLOCKED

Work items:
[fcrochik] Import from OPML file: TODO
[dragly] Mockup UI design: DONE
[mrqtros] View list based on tags: DONE
Creating solution for offline image storage: TODO
Creating solution/filing bug for trouble with using <img> tags (Has this been solved already?): DONE
[mrqtros] Edit topics: DONE
[mrqtros] Implement search via Google Feeds API: DONE
[mrqtros] Switching between list and grid for any topic: DONE
[mrqtros] Sort articles by pubDate in "Shorts" page (list mode): DONE
[mrqtros] Optimize memory consumption: INPROGRESS

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