File Manager Application Initial Implementation

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Initial file manager development to get the project up and running

New blueprint created for tracking items in the current cycle.

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Ubuntu Core Apps Drivers
Ubuntu Core Apps Drivers
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Ubuntu File Manager Developers
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Accepted for coreapps-13.10
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Work Items

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-0:
[ajalkane] Navigation UI & Filepath: DONE
[ajalkane] Directory entry information UI: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] Directory entry operation - rename: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] Directory entry operation - delete: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] Directory operation - recursive delete: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] FIX model size, it does not handle MB neiher folder items: DONE
[ajalkane] Opening of files using OS handler: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] copy/cut/paste: DONE
[popey] Check on whether we can use the Nemo QML plugin without CLA: DONE
[popey] Check with Mirv about automating new builds of the Nemo plugin: INPROGRESS

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-1:
[carlos-mazieri] Show hidden files: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] Sort by name and date: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] Sort Type - ascending/descending: DONE
[ajalkane] UI - Delete single item (long press menu entry): DONE
[ajalkane] UI - Rename single item (long press menu entry): DONE
[ajalkane] UI - Make new directory (long press menu entry?): DONE
[ajalkane] UI - Copy single item to clipboard (long press menu entry): DONE
[ajalkane] UI - Cut single item to clipboard (long press menu entry): DONE
[ajalkane] UI - Paste items from clipboard: DONE
[ajalkane] UI - Progess dialog for paste: DONE
UI - Multi-selection mode for copy/cut operations: TODO
[carlos-mazieri] Number of items in clipboard - a property for QML UI: DONE
[ajalkane] Long file operation progress dialog (delete): DONE
[carlos-mazieri] Copy Items - progress signal based on bytes written: DONE
[ajalkane] UI - Show current path (done ugly work-around for bug DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-2:
[carlos-mazieri] make plugin work back on Qt4 (4.74 and 4.83): DONE
[ajalkane] Placeholder icons for toolbar: DONE
[ajalkane] Placeholder icons for context-menu: POSTPONED
[ajalkane] Remove traces of the "Bookmark" functionality as there's no time for it: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] get plugin working on Nemo Emulator, clipboard problem: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] test open files on Nemo Emulator [open browser only]: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] prevent paste into the origin, send error signal: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] Send nemo plugin changes upstream: INPROGRESS

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-3:
[ibelieve] Test listing directory contents: DONE
[elopio] Test opening a directory: DONE
[ibelieve] Test going up a directory: DONE
[ibelieve] Test going home: DONE
[dkessel] Test opening context menu on directory: DONE
[ibelieve] Test opening context menu on file: DONE
[ibelieve] Test showing directory details: DONE
[ibelieve] Test showing file details: DONE
[ibelieve] Test file action dialog: DONE
[ibelieve] Test create directory: DONE
[ibelieve] Test copy/paste directory: DONE
[vthompson] Test copy/paste file: DONE
[ibelieve] Test cut/paste directory: DONE
[ibelieve] Test cut/paste file: DONE
[ibelieve] Test delete directory: DONE
[ibelieve] Test delete file: DONE
[ibelieve] Test rename directory: DONE
[ibelieve] Test rename file: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] add refresh action, bugs 1190676 and 1191282: DONE

Work items for coreapps-13.10-month-4:
[carlos-mazieri] backup items using copy/paste origin=destination: DONE
[carlos-mazieri] provide number of progress notifications before start an Action: DONE

Work items:
[popey] Get final icons for displaying FS objects: BLOCKED
Create and cache thumbnails for documents, images and videos: TODO
Create proper icons for current placeholder icons in toolbar (and context-menu if it supports icons in future): TODO

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