Music development for the 14.04 cycle

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Work Items

Work items for coreapps-2013-week-51:
[popey] - Speak to bueno about having multiple copies of app in the store with different SDK support (e.g. 13.10/14.40): DONE

Work items for coreapps-2013-week-52:
[vthompson] Schedule regular hangout on air with music app team: POSTPONED

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-02:
[ahayzen] Fix swipe delete [lp #1263682] and [lp #1263688]: DONE
[ahayzen] Enable media keys for desktop usage: POSTPONED
[popey] Fix music icon in launchpad branding: DONE
[vthompson] Artist sheet and recent sheet: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-03:
[popey] - Crowdsource converged music app designs via hangout: DONE
[vthompson] Crowdsource feedback for desktop wireframes via blog: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-04:
Use U1DB/Settings API for settings storage: BLOCKED
[vthompson] implement blur background fix [lp #1261078]: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-05:
[danielholm] Add simple song search to songs view: DONE
Fix flaky playlist test [lp #1272996]: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-11:
[ahayzen] Use U1DB for playlists and recent items: BLOCKED
[danielholm] Create Launchpad project for lastfm accounts plugin at DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-12:
[popey] Talk to Andrea to provide convergent designs for Music: DONE
[danielholm] Scrobble support (using Last.FM): INPROGRESS
[danielholm] Create online account for INPROGRESS
[ahayzen] Work on implementing the convergent designs: TODO
[danielholm] Call for help on contributing on plugin in the G+ App Devs community: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-13:
[vthompson] Drop the qtpowerd plugin in a MP and point popey/dpm to it for testing: INPROGRESS
[popey] Test and ack the QtPowerd removal MP ( TODO
[vthompson] Migrate to mediascanner 2.0: TODO

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-14:
Placeholder: TODO

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-15:
Placeholder: TODO

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-16:
Placeholder: TODO

Work items:
[dpm] - Investigate sound indicator - possibility for qml bindings to control music from sound menu: TODO
[ahayzen] - investigate using layouts for convergence: TODO
[vthompson] Investigate how to add Favorites to Dash: TODO
[ahayzen] Implement phone form-factor Tabs layout: TODO
[ahayzen] Extend reorder support to scroll the viewport up/down and dodge the other items while reordering: INPROGRESS
[danielholm] Read playlist files into U1DB (or current storage mechanism): TODO
Remove LocalStorage implementation of music metadata storage (usemediascanner): TODO
Show albums in gallery like view: POSTPONED

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