Clock development for the 14.04 cycle

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Used for tracking development tasks during the 14.04 cycle

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Ubuntu Core Apps Drivers
Ubuntu Core Apps Drivers
Needs approval
Ubuntu Clock Developers
Series goal:
Accepted for coreapps-14.04
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Started by
Nekhelesh Ramananthan
Completed by
Nekhelesh Ramananthan

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Work Items

Work items for coreapps-14.04-month-1:
[nik90] Test Add World Clock: DONE
[nik90] Test Delete World Clock: DONE

Work items for coreapps-14.04-month-3:
[nik90] Transition clock app to use the new SDK Dialer component: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-02:
[nik90] New Add Alarms Page design: DONE
[popey] Schedule design brainstorm hangout for week 3: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-03:
[nik90] Settings UI (time format & style): DONE
[nik90] Provide ability to switch between 12/24 hour format: DONE
[nik90] Add keyboard shortcuts for Tabs and common tasks: DONE
[popey] Get a design for the alarm snap decision: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-04:
[nik90] Store settings value in U1db: DONE
[nik90] Transition sunrise/sunset cache to U1db: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-05:
[nik90] Transition Timer to u1db: DONE
[nik90] Transition world clocks to u1db: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-06:
[nik90] Adapt clock app layout to different screen orientations: DONE
[nik90] Test Add alarms: DONE
[nik90] Test Remove alarms: DONE
[nik90] Implement tablet designs for clock tab: DONE
[nik90] Implement tablet designs for timer tab: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-07:
[nik90] Implement tablet designs for stopwatch tab: DONE
[nik90] Implement tablet designs for alarms tab: DONE
[nik90] Dynamic loading/unloading of timer page: DONE
[nik90] Resolve UI performance issues e.g. (lp #1199073) Requires latest UITK on phone: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-08:
[nik90] Dynamic loading/unloading of stopwatch page: DONE
[nik90] Dynamic loading/unloading of clock page: DONE
[nik90] Dynamic loading/unloading of timer page: DONE

Work items for coreapps-2014-week-09:
[nik90] Test Editing Timer Presets: DONE
[nik90] Test Adding Daily Alarms: DONE
[nik90] Test show seconds setting option: DONE
[nik90] Test changing time format settings option: DONE
[nik90] Test Editing Single Type Alarms: TODO
[nik90] Test Editing Recurring Alarms: TODO
[nik90] Test Sunrise/Sunset feature: TODO
[nik90] World clock - blocked until Qt 5.2 as timezone is busted in 5.0.2: BLOCKED

Work items:
[zsombi] work on version 2.0 of the Alarms SDK API to provide snooze capability: POSTPONED
[nik90] Improve timer notification (visual): TODO
[nik90] Add configurable snooze to alarms: BLOCKED
Gather User Location info like Latitude and Longitude using qtlocation: BLOCKED

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