People should be able to try ubiquity

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"Its prime objective is to give none Ubuntu users a way of getting a feel for *installing* Ubuntu without having to download."

People discovering ubuntu are not especially "power users".
We know that point, but they don't know yet: they can install ubuntu on their own, it is now easy for humans beings.

A numerous of person will not try in a virtual machine (they don't even know what is it).
A numerous of person will not try at all for their good or bad reasons ("will I break something?", "is it simple?", "if it is not simple maybe I will be not able to cancel the process without breaking something?").

The possibility to try an installation into the ubuntu online tour should help them to understand they can go over and install themself ubuntu.
It can be usefull for web visitors or ubuntu party too.

 * The main work will be to rebuild the mains steps of the installation.
 * The slide at the end are from the current ubiquity-slideshow
 * After the install [reboot to start with your fresh install] it should reload the fake plymouth then show the desktop without ubiquity shortcut.
 * Additionnal features can be added :
    - show updates process ( the goal is to show differences between upgrade and dist-upgrade. Maybe that is too much for a tour?)
 * these additionnal feature can be used to be linked in a forum or embeded (be able to launch update manager with a parameter in the url like or ubiquity at a specific step
    - a button to get the current link (example: ubiquity at a specific step
    - a builder of diaporama (able to make process like: launch software center, display vlc information, install vlc, launch dash and write vlc, moving between these steps with buttons or key "left/right")

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