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Effective placement of Ubuntu media (CDs, DVDs and books) in local libraries where Ubuntu members wish to further use of Ubuntu. Although the ShipIt initiative has been extraordinarily succesful in delivering thousands of CD-ROMs worldwide, we need a more effective way to make fewer CDs and media have a greater impact locally, by increasing their availability through library lending

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Collecting and documenting other LoCos experiences with this project. Specifically the Ohio LoCo has been contacted to see how their experience was with a similar project.

Reviewing 'Open Source Lending CDs in Libraries: how To'. Need to pull information from this document as it seems to be full of info that could be very valuable in this project. Additionally a dialogue needs to be opened opened with the Marketing Team, specifically the individuals who have participated with the UbuntuInLibraries project.


Notes pulled from: 'Open Source Lending CDs in Libraries: how To'
(we will soon need a wiki page for this specification)

Possible hurdles when taking CD's to library.
Used Car Salesman: Overall feeling that I was trying to get something out of it but they didn't know how. They were also concerned that I was trying to promote a company product. Libraries are not allowed to advertise products.

Finance: Is the money spent of the project worth it ? A book may have a valid use or shelf life for 10 years. A piece of software may be valid for 1 year. A book is likely to be more robust. People who borrow the CD's will not necessarily take care of them properly. They will become scratched and cause installation problems. It is expensive for libraries to catalogue a CD. The
CD needs to be sent to the Bibliography department, assessed and then a unique catalogue number is added to each individual CD so that it can be tracked.

I think then it would be a proper suggestion to revolve an Ubuntu in libraries program around the release of the LTS.

here is a list put together by someone who has extensive experience in this field.
      My primary concern was for libraries. What they need is:-
1. The liability statement
2. Checking for virus's at all stages of production.
3. A CD that can easily be uniquely identifiable.
4. A cover that does not break easily like a DVD case (normal CD jewel cases break easily)
5. A cover that is in a format that is easily identifiable by librarians - The ISBN Standard. )If you
   are not sure what the ISBN Standard is please look at any book and then check on the Internet for
   greater detail. For this project it means putting the title, license, and a space for an ISBN number
   on it)

 It was about the longterm value of the information and how it is presented to protect libraries and make it easy for them to integrate it with their existing catalogue. If they feel like this is a one off deal and they are not going to get replacement CD's or further releases they are not likely to take your CD's.

Oklahoma University Apuisitions Department
Oklahoma County Library donations
Eastern Oklahoma District Library System donation policy
Collection Development Tulsa Licraries
Lawton libraries Donations
Donations Bartlesville library

Libraries using open Source (outside the original intent of this blueprint but might be usefull in convincing the adoption of open source in the catalog and possibly being used by the library on its computers.)


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