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We want to do some more research into Gummi:

We need to see whether we can get it to work with our project, ie, with LaTeX 2009, our own custom commands. This will require re-packaging it at least, probably with some editing of the code itself.

The assignee should investigate Gummi, see whether it would be worthwhile for us to modify it for our project, and also whether it would allow us to build on it in the future to create a WYSIWYG LaTeX editor.

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Benjamin Humphrey
Benjamin Humphrey
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Set to "Low priority" for now, will become a higher priority after Maverick.

There are a few ways we could approach this. Probably the best, for tight integration, is to package it up and stick it in the ~ubuntu-manual team PPA. That way, we could make it nice and UMP-specific without worrying about making it useless for everyone else in Ubuntu. There is an upstream deb, but it depends on texlive-* packages, which makes it useless as long as we use the upstream packages. Getting gummi into Maverick would also suffer from this problem.

Also, I just found, which is an ITP bug stating that gummi is currently in the process of being packaged for Debian as of November 2009. I'm not sure of the status of this, and I'll chase it up if we decide to use a mainstream packaged version (as opposed to a PPA).
-- dutchie, 22/04/10


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