Ubuntu HTML5 developer documentation phase 2

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A blueprint to define our plan for the HTML5 documentation to have in place for developer.ubuntu.com when the Webapps team lands their work

As a *bare minimum* we've agreed to provide:

 * A simple, slim tutorial that provides details for how to get the SDK, create a new app from the template, make a cordova call, and make a platform API call
 * A comprehensive set of questions in the cookbook that are up to date.
 * API docs for cordova, platform API, and Ubuntu components.

This is the *bare minimum*. This plan is designed to get someone running an app within 30mins of hitting d.u.c, hence a simple and direct tutorial.

In addition to this we agreed to the following:

 * HTML5 primer.
 * A more detailed cordova tutorial.
 * A more detailed platform API tutorial.

Each of these will be linked from the simple tutorial.

Blueprint information

Not started
Jono Bacon
Kyle Nitzsche
Needs approval
Kyle Nitzsche
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milestone icon html5docs-2014-week-8

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Work Items

Work items for html5docs-2014-week-3:
[knitzsche] Identify technical blockers and file bugs with "html5-blocker" tag https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-html5-theme/+bugs?field.tag=html5-blocker: DONE
[knitzsche] Create initial draft of Ubuntu HTML5 Quick Start (HTML5 QS) that shows how get/use the SDK, create HTML5 app, run it. See "Getting Started with the SDK" section in https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1opVRCDpuPRDWPzWnxr6Krqt0W3cZDCRLj3p3dpVVlVQ/edit#heading=h.vq1g3iu3r592: DONE
[knitzsche] Provide instructions for generating Ubuntu HTML5 JS API docs from source. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-html5-theme/+bug/1241029/comments/10: DONE
[knitzsche] Create initial draft of Ubuntu HTML5 Primer (note that significant technical changes are ongoing). https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1nlWmne8XUHXfHZutiHFg3yhUHbE-RoNb4BK6dsWIY_o/edit: DONE

Work items for html5docs-2014-week-4:
[knitzsche] Determine the probable HTML5 Platform API for the HTML5 QS and dev some code with it. lp:~knitzsche/+junk/content-hub : DONE
[knitzsche] Determine the probable Cordova API for the HTML5 QS and dev some code with it. lp:~knitzsche/+junk/camera: DONE
[knitzsche] Cookbook: Review & Process current HTML5 questions: DONE
[knitzsche] Cookbook: Create list of questions needed: INPROGRESS
[mhall119] Publish API docs for cordova and Ubuntu components on d.u.c: TODO

Work items for html5docs-2014-week-5:
[knitzsche] Cookbook: publish HTML5 questions/answers - lets wait for current changes to land: BLOCKED

Work items for html5docs-2014-week-6:
[knitzsche] Cookbook: publish more HTML5 questions/answers: TODO
[knitzsche] Complete and publish HTML5 Primer: TODO
[knitzsche] Write Platform API Primer: TODO
[mhall119] Publish API docs for platform API on d.u.c: BLOCKED

Work items for html5docs-2014-week-7:
[knitzsche] Cookbook: Complete HTML5 questions/answers: TODO
[knitzsche] Publish Platform API Primer: TODO
[knitzsche] Write Cordova Primer: TODO

Work items for html5docs-2014-week-8:
[knitzsche] Publish Cordova Primer: TODO

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