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Ubuntu accessibility development and information has been slow in being updated in the past few years. How can we get more people involved and get accessibility to be part of the process rather than an afterthought? What can users who need accessibility features do to help developers?

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Updated for scheduling purposes 11 November.

Alpha 1 (7 December 2010):
This is also when keyboard navigation is due
[charlie-tca] preliminary test case scenarios & testing profiles written: DONE
[pendulum] talk to charline & john regarding personas: DONE
[AlanBell] rough drafts of personas: DONE
[pendulum] assist with rough drafts of personas: DONE
[pendulum] Gnome A11y liason: INPROGRESS
[cproffit] guidelines & suggestions for wiki pages for loco teams: DONE -
[MichelleQ] rough list of accessibility dos and don'ts: TODO
[pendulum] to set up weekly meetings with TheMuso: DONE
[pendulum] setting wordpress blog for team & get on planet: DONE
[pendulum] initial contact with doc team: DONE
[cprofitt] to involve the beginner's team to be aware of the ubuntu accessibility team.: DONE

Alpha 2 (3 February 2011):
This is also when early accessibility framework is due
[TheMuso] report as features start being availible for testing: DONE
[pendulum] work with charline on ways to do more accessibility related user testing: TODO
[pendulum] work with charlie-tca & QA to cordinate early testing of keyboard navigation and accessibility features: POSTPONED
[pendulum] work with doc team on best way to get documentation done for release: POSTPONED
[pendulum] talk to Michael Vogt (mvo) about getting accessibility info in software center descriptions: POSTPONED
[pendulum] e-mail Debian project lead about getting accessibility info into software descriptions for software from debian: POSTPONED

Alpha 3 (3 March 2011):
[charlie-tca] final test case scenarios & testing profiles written: POSTPONED
[AlanBell] final personas: INPROGRESS
[jshholland] assist with final personas: INPROGRESS
[pendulum] review final personas (probably with charline): POSTPONED
[MichelleQ] final list of accessibility dos and donts: TODO
[cproffit] identify missing pages on wiki: TODO
[pendulum] identify pages on wiki that need updating: INPROGRESS

Beta (31 March 2011):
[charlie-tca] work on missing wiki content/documentation: POSTPONED
[pendulum] work on missing wiki content/documentation: POSTPONED
[pendulum] coordinate to make sure documentation will be done by final documentation freeze: TODO


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