Beginners Team Roadmap for Ubuntu-O Cycle

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* This cycle the BT wants to keep improving its structure.

Review the wiki and make sure our processes and governance is clearly defined.
-- Integrate graphics that were used at UDS-N

Rename the padawan to a name that still embodies a fun spirit, but removes the potential for offense (neo, pupil, novice, protege)

Rename the master to a less offensive title (sage, guide, teacher)

Tighten up and finish the integration of the Bugs Focus Group with the Bug Squad Mentor program.
-- Make sure the process for Mentees is clearly documented on our wiki.

Continue to explore and develop the reviving of the MOTU mentoring program and its integration with the Development Focus Group.[2] Take lessons learned in the integration with the bug Squad and use them to ensure an efficient process.
-- Recruit MOTU who would help with answering questions on the mailing list
-- finalize Mentee list for first 'class'

* Become more visible

Welcome beginners being passed from #ubuntu to #ubuntu-beginners

Start using Twitter, and Facebook to reach users and tell people about the Beginners Team and what we do.

Encourage members blog more about what the team is up to.

* Encourage more Ubuntu Community participation by our focus groups.

Outline tasks for possible members. Last cycle Current Tasks was added to each FG wiki page.[1] Consider expanding on this.

* Attract more knowledgeable community members to mentor in the Beginners Team.

Increase participation by Canonicals employees and Community Veterans in the Beginners Team. Lots of very active people in the community who could contribute lots of knowledge to Students.


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[cprofitt, jledbetter] -- will try to be there remote.

Work Items
[DarkwingDuck] Community relations manager: TODO
[duanedesign] Work with Bug Squad t better integrate with Bugs FG : TODO
[duanedesign] Revive MOTU Mentoring and integrate with Dev FG : TODO
[cprofitt] Draft fast track process for potential mentors already established on an existing team : TODO

[wikifg] fasttrack pages for those who are already qualifed in certain areas
[fg] fg leads hunt for additional mentors

Are the FGs being closed teams causing issues? People try to join them all the time despite not being a BT member. I think this causes unneeded and unwanted confusion.


Work Items