Update wiki including the Focus groups not being 'groups' any more but 'Paths' to the community.

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The Focus groups being disbanded we want to use the wiki pages and tools left over from the Focus Groups to create quick start quides for that area of the community. These wiki pages on the Beginners Team wiki will be a roadmap for people interested in that area of the community. Providing steps to get started, advice on where to get help, links to wiki references, and links to the teams associated with that area of the community.

This blueprint will also cover the other updates needed on the wiki.

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We need to make the current tools of the disbanded Focus Groups useful to the groups mission. No need to dump them all. Some of them with a little tweaking can be good tool.
1. The Focus Croup wiki pages should be quick start guides. A User interested in the community should be able to visit this page and be able to get started getting involved in that area of the community with little supervision.
 a. The Current Tasks secion of the Focus Group pages is a good start. We want a list of actions the user should take to learn, get comftorable, and get started contributing.
 b. We should also include links to parts of the wiki that will help in that education. At the same time update those wiki pages to be current annd accurate.
 c. link to the community teams involved in that area of the community. Encourage them to join the irc channels, mailing list, annd eventually the team involved in that part of tha community.

I worked on the Documentation Focus Group page <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Docs>. This was a quick and dirty sketch of what is envisioned. We remove all references to joining a seperate entity/group. Increase the help given to the user in regards to getting started with that area of the community.

[PabloRubianes] I propose to change the focus groups to "path" so the docs focus group changes to "Docs_Path"
[duanedesign] I agree with this change. We need to get away from the wording Groups. Our goal is to unify, and bring together the team. Path is a perfect description of what we hope to accomplish with each 'path' into the community. we lead Ubuntu users down the path to becoming prolific community members and mentors to new users.

[jens-leineweber] I am sweeping through the sub-pages of the BT and noticing the following points which do need work in my opinion:
a) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership needs to get all information about the meetings removed. Simply due to the fact, that this gab between April 2012 and now leeds to the impression the UBT might be "Out of Operation" DONE
b) (same page) the second paragraph should be rephrased from a kind of "demand" into an invitation like "Feel free to join us via IRC to get a first impression ..." DONE
c) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam has three headers (MAIN/AREAS OF THE COMMUNITY/OTHERS) In my opinion the two remaining joints after deleting the Meeting-Info can also be put into the main-section because these are important information that one should see right at the beginning. Any thoughts?


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[duanedesign] Keep working on blueprint to refine idea : INPROGRESS

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