Top layer for u2t team's Unity 2d shell-dash blueprints

Registered by Joseph Mills on 2012-12-17

This is the top layer that will be used for all things Dash related. One may wish to put things like new designs under this.



Work Items

Work items:
Bug #1105846 Hud needs to have outline around it. : DONE
Bug #1105848 formfactor Tablet needs design : TODO
Bug #1105854 Background for Player is showing up in formfactor Desktop Confirug #1105857: DONE
welcome Home text is running of screen. Confirmed : TODO
Bug #1105858 Only tile vertical shows welcome home screen Confirmed : TODO
Bug #1105865 dash code is crowded and needs better framework Confirmed : DONE
Bug #1105866 Dash: Purple is shown when closing dash in any formfactor Confirmed : DONE
Bug #1105871 LensBar: configure unity2d is not horizontally centered Confirmed : DONE
Bug #1105872 WelcomeHomeMusic: should have a setting to turn on or off Confirmed : DONE
Bug #1105874 Left Click is not launching apps from dash Confirmed : DONE
Bug #1105911 SearchBar: needs to be removed when not needed Confirmed : TODO

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