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This is a Qt version of U1Db. It will be used as a plugin for QML applications.

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U1DB Qt developers
U1DB Qt developers
U1DB Qt developers
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Informational Informational
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Kevin Wright

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Work Items

Work items:
[kalikiana] Database implement QAbstractItemModel (work like XmlListModel): DONE
[kalikiana] Query implement QAbstractItemModel (work like XmlListModel): INPROGRESS
[kalikiana] Document expose “contents” variant/ honor ‘create’: DONE
[kalikiana] “string error” on Database (matching C++ code errors)’: DONE
[kalikiana] SQlite putting documents in the database’: DONE
[kalikiana] Store/ get/ list documents’: DONE
[kalikiana] Store indexes (a) lookup if an index exists b) create/ update new index)’: DONE
[kalikiana] Lookup documents by index: INPROGRESS
[kalikiana] Edit documents: TODO
[kalikiana] Remove documents/ bool includeDeleted: INPROGRESS
[kevin-wright-1] Store dbschema.sql in qrc’: DONE
[kalikiana] QML API unit tests’: DONE
[kalikiana] Expose document to QML [“content”:[notetext:””]]→myDoc.content.notetext’: DONE
[uonedb-qt] Review API to ensure it aligns with API Design Guidelines (e.g. "Six Characteristics of Good APIs"): INPROGRESS
[kevin-wright-1] Create a basic example (i.e. Hello World)’: DONE
[kevin-wright-1] Create a basic example to demonstrate simple use with ListViews and delegates’: DONE
[kevin-wright-1] Create an intermediate example to demonstrate a more real world use case (document browsing in the database)’: DONE
[kevin-wright-1] Create a more advanced example that demonstrates real world use case plus more robust database usage and UI (builds off of document browsing in the database example)’: INPROGRESS
[kevin-wright-1] Create a tutorial based on the first intermediate example: INPROGRESS
[uonedb-qt] Add more code commenting (API, tutorial text in examples): INPROGRESS
[kevin-wright-1] Setup All PPAs (Alpha, Beta and 1.0 + unstable/dev versions): INPROGRESS
[kevin-wright-1] Setup Alpha Unstable PPA: DONE
[kevin-wright-1] Build documentation for QtCreator contextual help: TODO
[kevin-wright-1] Build offline html docs: TODO
[kevin-wright-1] Create placeholder files for supplamentary docs and overviews: DONE
[kevin-wright-1] Document core U1Db-Qt concepts (documentation/concepts.qdoc): INPROGRESS
[kalikiana] provide a HACKING file documenting build process and testing’: DONE
Remote sync, use u1 credentials - out of scope for u1db: TODO
database in default location - out of scope for u1db: TODO
[kalikiana] verify docId via regex (precaution to allow server-side URLs passing id’s safely)’: DONE
Remove indexes: TODO
[kalikiana] upstream U1DB unit tests (see email thread): INPROGRESS
Document revision handling (vector clock, must match python implementation): TODO
“conflicts” property onConflictsChanged on Database: TODO

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