OMAP 4 SPL USB support at U-Boot

Registered by Ricardo Salveti on 2011-07-08

Implement proper USB (gadget) support at SPL, so it can have a similar functionality as omap4boot, but done at U-Boot.

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Ricardo Salveti
John Rigby
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John Rigby
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Accepted for 11.11
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Completed by
Ricardo Salveti on 2011-11-28

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[asac, Jul 24, 2011]: please update work items etc. and drop comments to blueprints as part of your weekly standard work flow; if a blueprint moves it should be visible here; if its blocked, this should be communicated clearly here either
[rsalveti, Jul 25, 2011]: postponing it to 11.08 as upstream took longer than expected to get the initial SPL support, only able to start the work at Jul 22.
[rsalveti, Aug 10, 2011]: John, please let me know if you think you're unable to make it for 11.08, or if you're blocked by something again.
[rsalveti, Aug 18, 2011]: Moving it to 11.09, 11.08 too short for the sprint backlog.
[rsalveti, Sep 27, 2011]: No progress during 11.09, moving to 11.10.
[dzin, Sep 28, 2011]: Moving back to 11.09 for review at post-mortem
[dzin, Oct 3, 2011]: This has not been started. Moved to the backlog since it has been stagnating for a while.

Headline: Pandaboard U-Boot SPL now delivers USB support, making it able for users to flash the second stage boot loader from the host side (similar as omap4boot).
Acceptance: Pandaboard U-Boot SPL enable USB support while booting, and both U-Boot and Kernel can be flashed into RAM from the host side, using USB.


Work Items

Work items:
Integrate omap4boot usb functionality into existing upstream u-boot spl implementation: TODO
Integrate omap4boot utility source into u-boot util directory: TODO
Switch usb implementation from rom calls to existing musb code in u-boot: TODO

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