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This is a request to upgrade the exsisting Lamp distro to include all relivant software to run a mail server, there is only one mail server that uses roundcube gui as standard, (I have included the vm image page that is allard softwares mail server appliance. Which apart from the use of roundcube they have developed a particularly good Gui for the admin side, this gui is what made me think of your distros. Simply due to the fact that you have the best admin gui i have seen for a linux system.. So if any one can made a product as good as the one listed above that also uses standard GNU sorfware then its you..

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Creating a TurnKey email appliance is definately a good idea (we have had it on our todo list since we started the project). I was not aware of RoundCube, it looks really nice, and is already packaged in Debian/Ubuntu.
-- Alon

Maybe use OBM, Kolab, Citadel, eGroupware, or Simple Groupware. If no one else is moving forward on this I am. If you are interested contact me and we can get started. I would like to use a groupware suite considering most companies will be looking to replace the functionality they have w/ a opensource alternative. So far the ones mentioned above fit the bill but are very complex in setting up on Ubuntu. I've tried out each one w/ Turnkey and there are some issues to be resolved to make it production ready. We can even go a different route by just providing email services only and use items like Postfixadmin, "". Anyways we need more people to get interested in this.
-- Patrick, pcantu[at]virtualdisaster[dot]net

Thanks for looking into this Patrick. I think these types of functional replacement appliances will be extremely useful once we flesh out the details and setup a prototype / beta.

Launchpad isn't really a good whiteboard for this so I propose we move this discussion to the development wiki:

-- Liraz

I like the idea of a Groupware/Email server. Currently have a "cripple" FirstClass system running (new version is extremely compelling though) as well as a Zimbra/Pro ( hosted). Both have good features but I expect there must be some real Open Source out there to compte! Very important area! Landis A.

Hi, wow, this is an old entry. Is launchpad still in use? As to the topic, I have suggested something like this in the forum already, but would like to add my vote here, too. An out-of-the box IMAP server would be great (I need that as an email archive server), most people will need SMTP and POP, too.
– Christian


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