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Alfresco is a pretty kick ass CMS. The main ubuntu distro was supposed to have already integrated alfresco into the repositories but so far it's been a 'no-go'. It would be a great opportunity to make an appliance for this considering this is one of the most popular workflow CMS's used by small and medium sized businesses.

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Adrian Moya
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We've added this to our todo list. Unfortunately, without a Debian or Ubuntu package there would be no security auto-updates...

The latest version of alfresco depends on tomcat6, which unfortunately is not available as a package for ubuntu LTS (hardy), and backporting results in dependency hell. The alfresco team say that the latest version of alfresco does not work on tomcat5.5, so we are deferring implementation for now, unless someone in the community steps up and documents installation.
-- Alon Swartz

I'm working on an experimental version, since the Alfresco bundle already includes Tomcat. No automatic security updates thou.
-- Daniel Serodio

TKLPatch by Adrian Moya:

I am interested in following up on this. Given that Alfresco is fairly well self-contained, including the embedded Tomcat6, do we need to hold for ubuntu's support of Tomcat6? Wouldn't it make sense to align the TK-Alfresco version to Alfresco's version releases? If we take Alfresco's dependencies, e.g. Tomcat6, MySQL, etc and plan on upgrades for them with the next TK-Alfresco release that will also reduce risk from Alfresco and unsupported versions of dependencies. I am new to TurnKey process and building but that is how I would deploy it as an Enterprise Solution, having been burnt all too often by upgrades that aren't supported by the vendor . (July 17, 2010)
-- Craig Soucie

I'm not up to speed on Alfresco and it's requirements, so the decision is up to you - considering there is no deb package that is supported by Ubuntu or Debian (which I didn't find in the quick search I did). We recently released TurnKey Core beta based on Lucid, so that should help. Take a look at the TKLPatch docs to get started, and let us know if you have any questions. (side note, inline with the appliance development contest we will be holding a TKLPatch training session if you're interested -
-- Alon Swartz

Thanks, I'll look at the TKLPatch info. I also found a blurb about Alfresco being in the latest LTS repos. Haven't found it yet but still working on it. Either way, I plan to build with TK and Alfresco and I will get started this week, work permitting... ;)
-- Craig Soucie


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