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Datastore types management will allow users of Trove to select database type and version on db engine from the list provided by operator. Operator will have possibility to control datastore types, add new and deactivate old versions.
To implement this capability users can specify datastore type and optional version of engine on instance create.
Datastore Type is a family of database engines, like mysql, mongodb, cassandra.
Datastore Version defines engine version of selected datastore type and contains list of system packages which provides this datastore.

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Couple of thoughts:

1. Do we need to add "status": "UNSUPPORTED" -- will we actually be listing unsupported DB Types?

The thought here is that imagine a provider wants to introduce a new database type for test/dev. They may want to have customers be able to provision it, but the provider does not want to support it with their SLA. A good example of this would be MySQL 5.6. It just GA'ed within the last two weeks. You might want to make that package available, but it might be another 6 months to a year before a provider would want to support it fully with backups, monitoring, replication, etc. I am open to tweaking the status types if need be.

2. "typeRef": ""href": "https://service/v1.0/1234/type/1" in the Create Instance call. Will this break backwards compatibility?

In this case, typeRef would be an optional parameter so it would not break backwards compatibility. If you do not specify a typeRef, then it will choose the type that has DEFAULT

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