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Refactor chaotic test codes for OpenStack DBaaS (Trove)
Trove has a complete different test code style with other OpenStack core projects which cause the developers confused. It really block other OpenStack project developers to join Trove. Besides the author of test codes, no one could have a clear mind on these in short time. We need to refactor the test codes which h...
Admin API to create and restore backups for OpenStack DBaaS (Trove)
Create an Admin API that allows an admin user to create a backup on behalf of a customer. Also to restore that backup onto a new instance that is created on the customer's behalf. This will support future use cases with automated backups, and potentially automated failover, where an admin user will be required to ...
Simplify conductor methods logic for OpenStack DBaaS (Trove)
Method takes to much parameters which are examined on non-equality - def update_backup(self, context, instance_id, backup_id, **backup_fields): #some logic skipped if backup_id != LOG.error("Backup IDs mismatch! Expected %s, found %s" % ...
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