Update tripleo ci toolset to tripleo-quickstart and tripleo-quickstart-extras

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 The audience for tripleo-ci will at least be in part openstack developers that are not very experienced with tripleo and the current tripleo-ci toolset. It is critical for less experienced developers to be able recreate the CI environment on local hardware to understand, debug, patch and test code outside of the CI infrastructure itself. Devstack being the reference CI deployment of openstack does a good job at running both in CI and locally on development hardware.

TripleO-Quickstart and TripleO-QuickStart-Extras (TQE) can provide an equivalent experience like devstack both in CI and on local development hardware. TQE does a nice job of breaking down the steps required to install an undercloud and deploy and overcloud step by step by creating *bash* scripts on the developers system and then executing them in the correct order.

The deployments steps as driven by TQE are discoverable, repeatable, and easy to edit and change on the test system itself. Restructured text is also automatically created as part of each execution of TQE with the commands and parameters used for the undercloud/overcloud deployment. This enables developers less experienced with TripleO to understand the how the CI and development environment were deployed and providing a quality user experience.

Two parts to this blueprint:
1. Move the TripleO-Quickstart-Extras ansible roles to upstream openstack git/gerrit repos
2. Use TripleO-Quickstart-Extras as the CI tool set for TripleO-CI.

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wes hayutin
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Plan being developed here:

(emilien) I'm not closing this one as we still have some jobs that we need to migrate. Good progress though.


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