Modify TripleO Ironic Inspector to PXE Boot Via DHCP Relay

Registered by Dan Sneddon

Ironic Inspector dnsmasq configuration needs to be configured with multiple subnets and DHCP ranges in order to support TripleO deployments across multiple subnets. Today, only a single subnet is taken from undercloud.conf, and used to configure the dnsmasq.conf for Ironic Inspector. This feature would allow entry of multiple subnets and ranges. Routers can then be configured with DHCP relay in order to facilitate remote boot.

The changes required for minimum functionality are limited to the undercloud scripts which configure Ironic Inspector based on undercloud.conf. However, in the future Ironic Inspector may support using a Neutron network, in which case we would configure multiple subnets on the "ctlplane" network, and the dnsmasq.conf could be automatically configured. We may wish to consider revisiting this feature once Ironic Inspector supports that feature.

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Emilien Macchi
Dan Sneddon
Harald Jensås
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Accepted for rocky
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Emilien Macchi
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Alex Schultz

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[2017-12-08] Moving out to Rocky. If necessary please request FFE to explain why this is needed for Queens.
[2018-04-09] All patches seem to be merged. Setting to Implemented. If work is still necessary, please update the BP.

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    Unit tests - actually do some validations ...

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    Refactor unit test to set up config fixture in setup class

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    Move ctlplane network/subnet setup to python

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    Update config to use per network groups

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    Update validations to validate all subnets

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    Add support for multiple inspection subnets

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    Create static routes for remote subnets

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    Add per subnet network cidr nat rules

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    Add per subnet masquerading

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