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Nfs-ganesha can be used as a proxy when mounting ceph file shares. Because nfs-ganesha backend will be supported in manila service soon, we would like to allow users deploy nfs-ganesha in Overcloud so they can use it as a backend in manila. Major benefit is that tenants (user instances) then don't need direct access to the ceph public network (storage network in Overcloud), but only to the nfs-ganesha servers.

In the first step (Pike release), nfs-ganesha service will be deployed on controller nodes together with manila-share service and it will use active/passive HA mode managed by Pacemaker. A new virtual IP on external network will be used. Nfs-ganesha will listen on this VIP, both virtual IP and nfs-ganesha service failover will be handled by pacemaker. User instances will use the VIP on a new isolated storage-nfs network to access nfs-ganesha when mounting shares (so there is no need to provide access to the ceph public network for them).

This is not a true scale out solution because it uses a shared ganesha server and a shared storage nfs-network for all tenants (and relies on neutron security groups to provide security between tenants). We plan to develop a scale-out solution as a follow-on step.

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[2017-12-11] Moving out to Rocky. If necessary please request FFE to explain why this is needed for Queens.
[2018-04-09] Feature patches have been merged. <tbarron> mwhahaha: w.r.t. there'll be more work as bugs I'm sure but we landed the feature patches

Mostly implemented in the series of patches bellow

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/nfs-ganesha,n,z

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    WIP add ganesha and ganesha VIP

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    Do not create fs and server side key from manila

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    Let mds create manila key and fs

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    Add a StorageNFS network for use by Manila/Ganesha

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    Add storage nfs network parameters

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    Pass storage nfs VIP to ceph-ansible

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    Add support for cephfs+ganesha backend in manila

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    Render NIC config templates with jinja2

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    Some net configs - Do Not Merge

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    Experimental - Do not merge

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    Experimental - DO NOT merge


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