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Status page for various backend services.

Basically - the setup for the UI itself is troublesome - this pinpoints if exact services haven't been set up correctly or if there is some other sort of issue like firewall. I think this is a pretty critical feature going forward since there will be weirder setups with POCs and with more elaborate setups.

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[akrivoka] A few questions regarding this feature.

I am not convinced that this kind of functionality should live in the UI. Seems like you need to get the UI up and running in order to check if it's possible to get the UI up and running (e.g. don't you need Keystone auth to be functioning in order to run this)?

[jrist] the initial design was to have a page that would be able to be seen whether logged in or not, and included the keystone as one of its checks

Would it be more suited as a validation? Or a stand-alone script?

[jrist] no, because the possibility of validations not being up would hinder this - since the UI is a client, and since it consumes so many services, a stand-alone script wouldn't really tell if you if a user's browser was able to see those services properly

Also, if this is about checking that ports are open, services are up, etc, can it be incorporated into the undercloud setup?

[jrist] some of this should absolutely be incorporated in the undercloud setup and we should definitely be limiting the functionality of the UI status page to just the status of services that the client consumes

Are you taking into account differences that stem from baremetal vs virtual setup? You would need to support both kinds of environments.

[jrist] this setup doesn't take into consideration the differences, just whether or not the services are available.

Is this a developer-only tool? If so, we don't want to include it in the production version of the UI.

[jrist] no, at the minimum it should be available for debugging and support purposes, thus production

Basically, the very fact that we found something like this necessary, tells me that where we're lacking is the installation procedure/docs for the UI, and that we should perhaps rather invest cycles in improving that.

[jrist] understandably. We've reached the conclusion that we are going to continue to lightly work on this and try to make it complete within the confines of limited time and limited resources. This is a useful tool that we want to have in the UI but it's not going to be a huge focus. The tool is narrowed to just services the UI consumes and nothing else.


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