Recruit More Contributors for ToriOS

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*** NOTE ***
This blueprint depends on:

As for any new FOSS Project, we do need volunteers and contributors of any level for every area.

1- Packaging
2- Testing and Reporting Bugs
3- Documentation
4- Marketing and Communications
5- Artwork & Design
6- Developing and Coding

### Please Note ###
I don't think I will overload any position/role ( with recruitment. The recruitment for this project will be each and everyone's task. Everyone will recruit for this project, not one person in specific. However, each Leader/Driver ( will recruit people for his/her team to begin with. He/She is the only one who knows what exactly it takes to finish task A, B, etc. I hope this make sense :) it is unwise to ask for example a developer to take care of recruiting Social Media people nor it is great idea to ask Testers to recruit Artwork people, and so on.

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How do these look - logo poster odt format poster pdf format

First step I think is to get the web site up and running, then put all the info on how to get involved clearly on the website so its a case of click and signup, granted people need e-mail & a launchpad account.

[amjjawad][RE: zleap] Great work, my friend. I'd suggest to replace the website address with:


[gsilva/Gustavo Silva]
I can help with Documentation, Translations and Marketing & Communications. I don't think I should be any sort of leader since I'm kind of new on Ubuntu and Launchpad. Most of the things I'd have to do here may require some knowledge and comfort with this platform that I don't possess for now.

Please leave me PM (G+, IRC, here) where do want me to do my work and I'll be pleased to help.

[gsilva/Gustavo Silva]


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