Convert tempest from nose to testtools to speed it up

Registered by Sean Dague

remove nose from tempest and use testtools/testr instead

Blueprint information

David Kranz
Matthew Treinish
Series goal:
Accepted for havana
Milestone target:
milestone icon havana-3
Started by
Jay Pipes
Completed by
Matthew Treinish


Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/speed-up-tempest,n,z

Addressed by:
    ensure isolated test cases run with an isolated tenant

Addressed by:
    Convert these tests of ServerBasicOps into one test.

Addressed by:
    ensure setup_test_user has been called before using test_user

Addressed by:
    Ensure package-wide test init is done with testr

Addressed by:
    Use testtools as the base testcase class.

Addressed by:
    Convert to use testtools attr implementation 1/3

Addressed by:
    Convert to use testtools attr implementation 3/3

Addressed by:
    Convert to use testtools attr implementation 2/3

Addressed by:
    Use python-fixtures for image resource tracking in glance tests.

Addressed by:
    Switch to using testr as the test runner for everything non-gating.

Addressed by:
    Use subunit colorizer from nova for

Addressed by:
    Add unittest like output for testr-full in tox

Addressed by:
    Remove unneeded class filter from .testr.conf

Addressed by:
    Add isolated tenants for admin tests.

Gerrit topic:,topic:admin_isolation,n,z

Addressed by:
    Sync lockutils from oslo.

Addressed by:
    Add locking to test_aggregates

Addressed by:
    Switch to using oslo logging.

Addressed by:
    Add locking for adding a ssh security group rule

Addressed by:
    Add more locks for hosts and availability zones

Addressed by:
    Rework class inheritance for scenario tests

Addressed by:
    Switch use of select() to poll()

Addressed by:
    Add tenant isolation to the swift tests

Addressed by:
    Remove identity race condition

Gerrit topic:,topic:switch-to-testr-parallel,n,z

Addressed by:
    Switch gating tox jobs to testr parallel


Work Items

Work items:
Investigate test failures when testr is run is serial mode: DONE
Investigate test failures when testr is run in parallel mode: DONE
Investigate why testr finds fewer tests than nose: DONE
Remove nose dependencies: DONE
unittests to testtools conversion: DONE
Confirm all SKIPS we're seeing with testr are valid: DONE
Need testr/testtools equivalent of smoke tests attribute: DONE
Patch testr to add group scheduling: DONE
Debug race conditions and failures when using testr: DONE
Move run_tests and tox over to testr: DONE

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