Partial revert in parallel flow

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For flow checkpoints described in current implementation of multithreaded flow engine doesn't allow to retry a parallel branch.

Problem description
In the following example we have two parallel branches and a checkpoint that can retry a subflow. If Task B fails, the flow waits for the Task C and then reverts all executed tasks. But only the Task B should be reverted and it shouldn't wait for the Task C. When the Task C executes, other branch retries in parallel.

                --- Checkpoint -- Task B
Task A-|
                -------- Task C

We can implement a smart revert that will start from the failed node, walk back through the graph and revert only nodes that should be reverted. Some tasks can be reverted when other are executed.
In the given example Task C executes and Task B reverts simultaneously. If checkpoint fails, the flow will revert Task C.

But in this case flow appears in REVERTING and RUNNING states simultaneously. I propose not to set REVERTING state for the flow. It should be only a task state. Flow should be in running state until it finishes with SUCCESS or FAILURE.

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Ivan Melnikov
Anastasia Karpinska
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Accepted for 0.2
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Might be possible to merge this into: ??

Or maybe keep it, since its a mix of checkpointing and reversion strategies.

(imelnikov): We can add dependencies from this bp to checkpointing and reversion strategies when we approve this. Or all three are the same thing in fact.

(imelnikov): I think intended semantics of flow states is not completely clear from bp description above. I think it should be smth like:
- REVERTING: flow has no such state any more;
- RUNNING: something is going on: tasks are executing or reverting according to flow definition and reversion strategy.
- SUCCESS: all tasks were run to success; if any tasks failed, they were reverted and run again according to reversion strategy.
- REVERTED: one or more tasks failed and flow was reverted to the initial state; all tasks are PENDING again.
- FAILURE: after some task execution or revert failed, flow stuck in "intermediate" state and cannot go on nor revert farther; some tasks are still in SUCCESS or FAILURE states.
Did I get it right?

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    Add make_completed_future to async_utils

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