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Here's something we ought to start with. Let's make a list of programs that would work well as dependencies for a tablet Ubuntu package, like CellWriter, Xournal, etc., anything you want as long as we have one of each important item in the end (that is, one journal program, one input program, etc.). Somewhere else we'll work out related features we'd want Tabuntu to have (better default GIMP settings, a reasonable xorg.conf, etc.).

Anyone who knows packaging would be very valuable to this project! Don't be shy about offering help and suggestions, though, even if you don't.

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Programs that probably belong in the metapackage:

Xournal (or other journal program)
Cursor-related stuff?
a non-free interresting atertnative to cellwriter is myScript

In time I'd like to see this whiteboard begin with lists of "confirmed" and "suggested" programs. Right now it's just a starting point, so don't be afraid to change anything. I think the only program I'd loudly champion is CellWriter, but any tablet-focused program is a welcome addition for consideration. Our goal should be to list a nice, varied suite of programs to make a tablet user's life easier.

Since most tablets use wacom technology, perhaps we should include a utility (such as to make wacom configuration easier? Also, something for screen rotation would be nice (can be done with a simple script).


It would be a good idea to take some of the functionality from Ubuntu Mobile. The main idea is to keep it simple lightweight and easy to use

shane fagan

Good point shane - or maybe even base it on the new "Netbook remix"? -- Charlotte


Have a look at the Tablet Screen Rotation Support package I've just completed. -- Karl Hegbloom

Rotation work out of the box on my Emperor Linux Raven Tablet (Lenovo X61 Tablet) loaded with Ubuntu Hardy (8.04 LTS). When you twist the screen, an event fires down the acpi path. Another event fires when you twist back. When the become-tablet event happens, the screen rotates either +90 or -90 per configuration. When the become-laptop event happens, the rotation gets reversed.

Compiz and tablet everything do not play well together in a long list of ways. On the surface, the bottom panel is at 3/4 screen and at 4/4 screen after rotation. Up-down and left-right buttons are confused. The tablet jog-wheel does not respond as mouse or arrow.
Not the least of trouble is the stylus become very problematic. Most things work, however, with 3D everything turned off. [NOTE -- There are a ton of little config changes that need to happen after become-tablet or become-laptop events. All of the changes must happen in spite of whatever apps might be running and doing on screen at the time you decide to rotate...and then the apps must get told about the changes. I suspect this is a large configure-me exercise that needs folks who really understand X11 settings.]

NOTE: I use the terms become-tablet and become-laptop to name events. These names are meaningful on the surface. I'm sure there are "official names" that I ought to discover someday. For me, "laptop" means keyboard and eraser-mouse available and at the bottom with a landscape (wide left-right) screen. Then "tablet" means no keyboard, a jog-wheel pointer and with a portrait (wide up-down) screen. I hope this makes sense.
~~~ Saint 0;-D
Austin, TX

Saint, is the code that handles that on Emperor GPL and available somewhere any of us can easily get a copy? I wonder how it compares with the tablet-screen-rotation-support package I've created here on Launchpad. Also, let's get a mailing list started for this group and try to get more participants, especially people who can code. ~~~ Karl Hegbloom


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