Summit development plans for UDS Q2 2013

Registered by Chris Johnston

Work Items

Work items:
Enable audit logging of schedule data: INPROGRESS
Fix LP export caching issue: TODO
[cjohnston] #1154782 - Create mockups for new layout: DONE
[cjohnston] #1154782 - gather feedback on mockups': DONE
#1154782 - implement mockups: TODO
[ricardokirkner] #1154785 - Draft a spec for the API in SSO: TODO
[ricardokirkner] #1154785 - Discuss API spec with Summit devs: BLOCKED
[ricardokirkner] #1154785 - Implement API in SSO: BLOCKED
[ricardokirkner] #1154785 - Get new API into production: BLOCKED
#1154785 - Create a mock API for testing: BLOCKED
#1154785 - Rewrite update-openids to use new API: BLOCKED
#1154785 - Implement lookups based on mock API for testing: BLOCKED
#1154785 - Implement lookups after API is released in SSO: BLOCKED
[mhall119] Discuss with jono about getting dev time to fix #994110: TODO
[mhall119] Discuss with jono about getting dev time to remove attending in LP Sprints from code base: TODO
[mhall119] Discuss with jono about getting dev time to remove participation essential from LP code base: TODO
[mhall119] Discuss with jono to get private blueprints marked as such on the LP export: TODO
Remove attendee import from LP in Summit: BLOCKED
Remove participation essential import code, and 'very interested code' from code base: BLOCKED
Update import of blueprints to meeting to be able to support new definitions: BLOCKED
[cjohnston] Add the ability to propose a meeting without being an attendee: DONE
[cjohnston] #1154802 - investigate porting data from etherpad to etherpad-lite: TODO
[cjohnston] #1154802 - discuss with IS about getting etherpad-lite deployed and the data copied over from etherpad: TODO
#1154802 - investigate the different methods of integrating etherpad-lite into Summit using different django apps: TODO
#1154802 - embed etherpad-lite into Summit: BLOCKED
[cjohnston] Update to django 1.4: DONE
Add time zone support: TODO
Hangout widget: TODO

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