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Registered by Nigel Babu on 2011-04-21

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Jono Bacon
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Summit Hackers
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Chris Johnston on 2011-11-23


Work items:
[jorge] Talk to track leads about experience with summit website: DONE
[nigelbabu] Talk to Jorge and Jono about removing brainstorm: DONE
[nigelbabu] Talk to IS to list about linking to recordings of sessions: TODO
[jorge] Make sure access to the admin is restricted as much as is practical: DONE
[chrisjohnston] Create official LP Bug tags for uds-p and linaro: DONE
[nigelbabu] Pull the summary from the launchpad blueprint and push it out via the iCal to Guidebook: TODO
[nigelbabu] Pull blueprint data using the LP API, not screen scraping: DONE
[summit-hackers] figure out a way to import data locally for testing: TODO
[summit-hackers] Clean up TODO
[summit-hackers] Make the colors for the track a database field instead of in the css (include color in ical) talk to davidm for guidebook: TODO
[summit-hackers] Match and main-nav: TODO
[summit-hackers] JSON export of data to be used for local testing: TODO
[summit-hackers] Create new series and production branches: TODO
[summit-hackers] Automatically clear cache when the data it contains changes: TODO
[summit-hackers] Add a today link to the topnav: TODO
[summit-hackers] List track lead information (name, photo, etc): TODO
[summit-hackers] Add more content/direct links on the front page: TODO
[summit-hackers] Create a mutable item to where meetings in the past are muted: TODO
[summit-hackers] Making user roles for different users providing different levels of access: TODO
[summit-hackers] Etherpad timeslider link: TODO
[summit-hackers] Fix scheduling conflict resolution and notification: TODO
[summit-hackers] Restrict scheduling permissions to admins only after the summit start date: TODO
[summit-hackers] Allow people to define their own Busy times, check them for scheduling conflicts: TODO
[summit-hackers] Per-room dial-in phone conferencing number field: TODO
[summit-hackers] on blueprints set the session summary page as the wiki page: TODO


Work Items