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1- star names should have both native and translatable name as it is the case of constellations
2- there should be time-of-day rules for planets, e.g. Venus on the morning sky has a different name to Venus on the evening sky
3- deep sky objects should get labels too in the same way as stars and constellations do, many cultures have names for Magellanic clouds or Milky Way
4- following on the previous, it would be interesting to have support for displaying "constellation art" for DSO like Magellanic clouds and the Milky way (although the latter could be hard to implement I guess)
5- support for "culture groups" would be welcome, for instance I am working with ethno-astronomical knowledge of people from Vanuatu, who have many languages, but strikingly similar, if not identical, constellations - it would make sense to have groups for closely related sky cultures to avoid swamping the list
6- showing English planet names for planets that are untranslated/non-existent in the selected sky culture alongside with the local names is confusing, the "fallback" English names should be shown in another way/another color to make it visually clear
7- there clearly are cultures that do not think of constellations as of "stick figures", they rather see them as just a bunch of stars, would it make sense to allow the user to reference HIP numbers for a constellation and let Stellarium draw an ellipse or something around them as an alternative to stick figures?
8- there are cultures that call Moon distinct names depending on its phase, it would make sense to allow for displaying the generic name of Moon and below it its name in the current phase

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9 - several sky cultures I work with have "concentric" constellations, e.g. the outline of Orion's body is one constellation and the Orion's belt is another one. They are one inside of another and their stick figures get confused as they share the Orion's belt side stars. Moreover their labels overlap and are not really well readable as both constellations have the same center. I know it is a borderline case, but I wonder if it is possible to mark such constellations in similar colors of draw the labels off-center so they don't overlap if this kind of setting is detected

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GZ: re.3: Even though LMC, SMC, M31 and Milky Way are galaxies, I would add this handful rather into the sky culture as special kind of "constellation", not attempt to link/adapt all DSO labels.

We also need dark constellations (e.g. South American cultures).


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