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It would be great if 'native' option works not only for constellation names but also for planets and stars. Now stellarium shows the meaning of native names (for planets and stars).

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ex : for Egyptian

when native option selected sun's name will show 'Amon-Ra' [True native name]and
when translated option selected sun's name will show 'God of Sun' [Meaning] and
when abbreviated option selected sun's name will show 'Sun' [English name]

no need for native name check box.

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GZ: I think there is a big misunderstanding about the role of the native names. I see no use for having incomprehensible native names in the translatable strings with a comment only to the LP translators (except maybe allowing transliteration of the incomprehensible name into other script systems). The idea was to have native names in a transcription in Latin characters in the constant strings and English names in the translatable strings, so that the meaning could be translated. The English strings are allowed to, or maybe even should, include the native names e.g. in brackets. The same goes for the constellation names, the translatable strings should provide an english translation (maybe together with the original name?), and the abbreviations should likely be more than numbers. (But abbreviated constellation names are only official for the official IAU 88, so their value for non-Western is dubious.) The whole thing has evolved over years, so there is no strict adherence in all skycultures (but could be improved by those in the know. E.g., as non-Indian, I have no idea how to translate the Indian names, although I'd like to understand them.)

I agree the separate checkbox for planet names seems not necessary, the Labelling combobox should govern all labels. (But there is likely no use for abbreviated planet names...)

In total, skycultures in all aspects: lines=(constellations|asterisms|guide and pointer lines), figures (constellations|asterisms|dark cloud figures|...), names=(english|native|translation|...), description files with sources and references should undergo a major redesign, and then all skyculture contributors and translators of the last 10 years would have to re-do and extend major parts of their work...


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